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  1. JoPhan commented on The Born Loser 1 day ago

    If you want to expand your culinary horizons, try beef bacon. It’s made from the same part of the animal, cured and smoked, but it has less fat to render out so it’s better for you. Slightly different taste, of course, and a tad more grainy, but quite good.

  2. JoPhan commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    If a cat’s head can fit through an opening, so can the rest of it because they’re very loose jointed.

  3. JoPhan commented on B.C. 2 days ago

    I’ve got a billy goat, and I’m not afraid to use him!

  4. JoPhan commented on Arlo and Janis 4 days ago

    A friend of mine has two feeders: one for hummers, one for oriels. Every now and then a hummer will try to guard the oriel feeder, but they just ignore him as they’re at least three times as big.

  5. JoPhan commented on Baldo 5 days ago

    They poke at the screen to point things out, leaving fingerprints. Then dust sticks to the oil and the screen gets even dirtier.

  6. JoPhan commented on Betty 6 days ago

    My sister’s main ringtone is the theme from Dr. Who, so my ringtone for her is a Dalek.

  7. JoPhan commented on Bloom County 2016 7 days ago

    Well, he probably smells more of herring now, if not smoked salmon.

  8. JoPhan commented on Ali's House 8 days ago

    I know that the artist is trying to make a point, but Ali is selling Lebanese food, not just generic Arabic food. Each country, each region, each culture has its own specialties, its own variations.

  9. JoPhan commented on Baldo 10 days ago

    If you don’t put in the special spices and all the sugar, it tastes just like any other winter squash, and it’s not fattening, either.

  10. JoPhan commented on Brewster Rockit 14 days ago

    If the visibility really is 0%, they don’t respond because they can’t see it.