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  1. JoPhan commented on Brewster Rockit about 5 hours ago

    If you stop and think about it (not that Brewster ever would) all you have to do is tell Winky how to get down and let him follow instructions, something that just wouldn’t work with a cat.

  2. JoPhan commented on Betty about 5 hours ago

    Hiding under low bushes is better than under a tall tree because lightning will generally strike the highest point in the area simply because it makes a shorter path. And, if you hear a sudden SNAP during a storm, get down NOW! You’re within about 100 feet or so of a strike. (That’s the ion channel that the bolt’s going to use forming.)

  3. JoPhan commented on Brewster Rockit 2 days ago

    Trust me: cats know the sound of a pull ring lid coming off and it’s just as much a lure as a can opener.

  4. JoPhan commented on Adam@Home 3 days ago

    I know a few who don’t need a day job, but then, I’m a member of this world’s oldest SF club and so are they. They don’t consider somebody an author unless their main source of income is their writing, and by that standard, Adam is a writer, not an author.

  5. JoPhan commented on Brewster Rockit 4 days ago

    I’m not sure what you meant by “Number 42,” but I think you were referring to The Heart Of Gold. Don’t Panic, and make sure you know where your towel is.

  6. JoPhan commented on Arlo and Janis 5 days ago

    Cats are solitary hunters, but social animals. That’s why you’ll often find a large group of them sharing a convenient and safe place to live and sleep, even though each has their own hunting territory.

  7. JoPhan commented on Brewster Rockit 6 days ago

    Tofu has almost no taste on its own, but it’s very good at picking up flavors from whatever you cook it with. It’s like a chameleon because it blends in with the rest of the dish instead of standing out.

  8. JoPhan commented on Baldo 6 days ago

    I don’t think that a girl Gracie’s age (Eight, I think.) would use the word “calculate,” but the idea is spot on.

  9. JoPhan commented on Arlo and Janis 6 days ago

    About two years ago, I was having trouble sleeping and spoke to a sleep therapist. She told me that if you’re having trouble sleeping, there are only two reasons to be in bed. One of them was sleep…

  10. JoPhan commented on Adam@Home 6 days ago

    Considering that it’s summer, they should really be drinking cold-infused coffee. You make it in the fridge overnight, the same way you’d make cold-brewed tea, and the flavor’s great.