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  1. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Garcia Cartoon Co about 4 hours ago

    The phrase should read “…is better THAN smoking.”

  2. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann about 16 hours ago

    Dude (old-timey):

    You must have auto-submit for that sexual orientation line about Gunther.

    It is so repetitive that it is actually becoming “humorous” in an alternative universe sort of way.

  3. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann about 16 hours ago


    Gag, cough, clear throat.

    Oh, no…. I had ONLY been wishing that Greg would not have Quill and Luann get back together. Fortunately, it seems like Quill and Luann REALLY are done……. but….. BUT……

    PLEASE do NOT have entendre of today’s last panel mean that Luann and Gunther may end up getting into some sort of romantic relationship!!!!!!

    I sincerely would like Luann to remain out of any romantic relationships for a while (at least a year or two, IMO) so that she (and we the readers) can focus on her exploration of who she is and who she is wanting to become as she proceeds more into the adult world. There is so much story there to explore, that I would really, really enjoy that being Greg’s focus for her character.

    For me, AFTER she has done some serious exploration and discovery of who she wants to become as an adult…. then it could be really entertaining to see her develop into potential romantic interests.

    I know I cannot make these story decisions for Greg… but I do sincerely hope my hoped for ideas are the path that Greg is planning and that this Luann/Gunther romantic notion is just a brief “red herring”.

  4. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Gasoline Alley about 16 hours ago

    Oh my goodness! The day just turned wonderful! I am so glad to see Joel back…. and Rufus too!!!!

    I hope they are back for a LONG segment of the next story arc!!!!!

    But…. where on Earth is Joel’s pipe?!?!?!?!?

  5. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 1 day ago

    This comment is specifically for Argy and is in reply to his comment to me later in the day yesterday:

    Argy states: , I don’t really thing Mrs. Berger is teasing Quill the same way Quill is teasing Gunther. Mrs. Berger is suggesting that Quill would be an appropriate person to talk about succumbing to Luann’s ‘mojo’ (not that I agree for a minute that Luann is that manipulative kind of female that this suggests).

    I can see how Quill’s action could be viewed the way you suggest.. However, for me, the way it read it was that the use of the word “mojo” was done in a teasing, over-the-top sort of way. To me, “mojo” is some sort of theoretical magic spell a person could exert. In the way I viewed the phrase, I think both Quill and Gunther know that “mojo” is silly as a concept, so that is why I was thinking Quill was just joking around.

    Argy also stated: I don’t think Quill even heard what Mrs. Berger said. He is much more intent on badgering Gunther for being “weak” and giving in to Luann.

    Again, I can understand the perspective you are suggesting in the above. But, to me, it didn’t really feel like badgering so much as fairly typical teasing that occurs between friends. I have a friend I have known since I was 6 years old, and he very frequently and teases me in that sort of fashion. My own personality is more introverted like Gunther, so I do not tend to ever tease like that back myself, but, to me that sort of banter and teasing is fairly common.

    Argy also stated: You (meaning me, PipeTobacco) state that Quill has a facially happy expression. With his eyebrows drawn the way they are, my (meaning Argy) impression was not that Quill was happy, but that he was mockingy laughing at Gunther. And Gunther heard something in Quill’s tone of voice that he did not like, which may explain Gunther’s angry reaction.

    Again, sir, you may very well be right in that assessment, I cannot deny that is one way to interpret the actions and expressions yesterday. However. I guess for me, having a friend who behaves much like Quill was behaving yesterday has me view his actions a bit differently…. like I view the actions of my friend in his similar behavior.

  6. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 1 day ago


    To me, today’s effort was a bit awkward language-wise, but I think that was done to try to infuse the “punchline” into the panels… but here is how I interpret things:

    1. I believe Quill’s “I’m good, thanks. You?” was meant by Quill to be a foolish and silly joke to tease Luann. I feel Quill obviously knew that Luann was at the Berger’s to check out how Gunther was proceeding with the dress.

    2. I think Quill’s foolish and silly joke actually backfired for him because Luann did not take his statement as a joke but as being serious….. or perhaps Luann realized it was a joke…. but was not really feeling like acting in a “joking” fashion with Quill and so she responded in a non-joking, deadpan sort of fashion to basically tell Quill to “buzz off”.

    3. Quill’s response back to Luann about slinking off suggests to me that he was either a) hurt by the comment, or b) simply realized that Luann wasn’t in a “joking” kind of mood. It doesn’t really matter which way he was thinking about it. It only mattered that he exited the conversation.

    4. For me, I am restating again that I sincerely hope that this is not some sort of introduction to the two of them (Quill & Luann) getting back together in a romantic fashion. It has a bit of a feel of some of the romantic comedy films where in the end the two folks eventually get back together. I hope this is not the path Greg is leading us on.

    5. I still also fear that Gunther will not succeed in his engineering project with a dress, and I also think it is seemingly that Luann is sort of being “hands-off” to a degree with the actual construction of the dress. I would think for it to be her art project, she would need to have more hands-on aspects of the construction herself and that Gunther would be more of a guide or helper… not the actual manufacture. So, I am also fearful that Luann will not do well in her art project because of her seeming lack of hands-on participation.

  7. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on The Old Man & His Dog 1 day ago

    Yeah, I can imagine that it would feel lonely. He should have had a drink or two before bed to help him get to sleep.

  8. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Lunarbaboon 3 days ago

    Haha! This is one the the best luanarbaboons ever I think. I have liked almost everyone, but today…. this seems especially close to perfection.

  9. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 3 days ago


    Interesting interplay between Mrs. Berger, Quill, and Gunther today. Here are my thoughts, and my hopes, and my concerns:

    1. I found Quill to be enjoyable and interesting as a character today.

    2. I HOPE that Quill DOES NOT re-hook-up with Luann in any sort of “relationship” way. I think it is much more interesting for Luann’s character to be free of Quill…. and with today’s effort, I also feel that it could be much more possible for Quill to be an interesting character in the comic…. because even in this one “non-Luann” instance, he is already to me, more likable and interesting than during his “bland” period as Luann’s romantic interest.

    3. I like how Mrs. Berger is teasing Quill with her statement in much the same fashion as Quill is teasing Gunther.

    4. It is interesting, however to note how Gunther is more aggravated by the teasing than is Quill about the teasing he is receiving.

    5. I think it is UNLIKELY but I do think there is a small chance that Gunther may get into another of his “angry outburst” moments if he continues to get teased about this issue, to which he is apparently very sensitive to.

    6. The “laughing” expression by Quill, to me is noteworthy because I think this is the most facially expressive happy drawing Greg has done of Quill…. at least as far as I can recall. Most of his other facial expressions were rather bland and he seemed somewhat too reserved in his emotions. Today, in the second panel, the Quills eyes are IMO especially expressive.

  10. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Gasoline Alley 3 days ago

    Joel doesn’t’ have his pipe! Otherwise, today was perfection!