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  1. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann about 4 hours ago

    Argy… you posted… “It’s a friendlier place than Pitts, where you seem to be regarded as shallow or expendable by not only your so-called fans, but seemingly also your creator.”

    While I generally really enjoyed the post from which the quote above derived, the quote above still perplexes me. Here is why:

    Why cannot a main character sometimes act shallow?

    I think sometimes Luann does act a bit shallow, even when her age is taken into account. But, there are also many times where she acts quite mature, and is thoughtful and kind.

    The thing I like so much about Luann is that it is an on-going story that is quite DEEP, especially for a four panel comic. There is a lot of nuance in the story. It is the nuance and various ways to interpret what is going on that are great fun to analyze.

    In regards to your “dispensable” comment. I think few if any commenters would think Luann is dispensable in any sort of real sense on the comic. They may joke about getting rid of her, or something similar, but when push-comes-to-shove, she is important.

    Your “so-called fans” and the disparaging remark about the “creator” I really think is from not recognizing that people who comment here ARE invested and interested in the story. Sometimes they may disagree with the story…. some may even mostly disagree with the story….. but regardless…. I see everyone here who is a regular is DEFINITELY a true fan… even if they unfortunately argue and cuss at each other about the apparent lack of knowledge, insight, kindness or whatever the hell they are upset at the other person for at any given minute.

    As for the creator’s motivation…. you seem down on “the creator”. To me, the ability to create a character, like Luann, and most all of the others (IMO not Quill, but he is getting better) who are diverse within how they each act as individuals is pretty damn impressive. I think Greg does a great job, and I think his true gift is in giving what are in reality, 2-dimensional characters, a depth that is very much 3-dimensional.

  2. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann about 6 hours ago

    Argy…. I mean this with sincerity…. I do not see many folks using Luann as a punching bag. I see many folks who are saying that Luann’s CURRENT behavior is not to their liking. Some of these folks may speak a bit more bombastically, using words that ring as too strong to your ears. But, I think it simply reflects how societal language in general has grown more coarse over the last 50 years. Talk that was previously reserved for drunken sailors to spout in back room sessions has become more and more a part of modern, general society.

    I think MOST commenters here, whether giving negative opinions or positive, truly enjoy the comic.

    For me, I do not like or dislike the behavior of Luann nor Quill at the moment, but it is fun to analyze…. especially because it does seem to hit on many common male-female relationship issues.

  3. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann about 6 hours ago

    Sheriff… surely you jest!

    Oh, wait, I guess it could be the threesome of “New York City” being three words. :)

  4. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann about 8 hours ago


    Still very interesting!

    However, I am hoping that the “Uh-Oh” is not the start of Quill being painted as the “bad guy” in this. I think that would be unfortunate.

    I would much rather this story arc proceed where Luann realizes that she a) was not effectively communicating with Quill for quite a spell, b) she was not nice in her yelling at Quill recently, and c) the “spring break” NY trip was not something she and Quill had discussed… the second rendition of the trip was set for Christmas, but the needs of The Fuse put the kibosh on that. No specific plans were made for this spring break.

    I am really hoping that how Greg approaches this is by showing that the lack of communication (IMO mostly in this case on Luann’s part, but Quill could do better as well) is the true death knell for any relationship.

    I am sure Quill has something already planned that is NOT New York for spring break. I hope it is something important but innocuous so he does not get painted as the bad guy.

  5. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Argy…. I am surprised you are getting into this “haters” name calling nonsense.

    In the comment you are seemingly chastising Meh~tdology about…. he is saying that Luann is being selfish and rather self absorbed. He also seems to be saying that Luann should think about her actions.

    Why does that make Meh~tdology a “hater”? Because he finds fault with her character in this situation?

    I am not fond of Luann’s behavior in this current arc either. I think she handled this badly, and is handling the apology badly too. I think she is rather self centered in this story arc with Quill, rather too jealous about Pru, and is not behaving very nicely.

    I am not a “hater”. I really like this comic. I like the work Greg does. I think the stories are surprisingly deep for a comic. I like analyzing the characters motives and actions.

    I have never seen Meh (nor Implausible, nor Seismic2 for that matter since several hear refer to those two as “haters” which I also think is incorrect) be what I would describe as a “hater” either.

  6. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Shrodinger’s Dog… while I can understand your reasoning about “kinda” being the person trying to “admit guilt while maintaining some small semblance of dignity” as true, my suggestion though is that it is much more dignified, just, and appropriate for person who is wrong to say they WERE wrong, not that were kinda wrong. It takes a far stronger person to state that what they did was wrong. It IMO shows more strength, more character, and more dignity to admit when you are wrong.

  7. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Lunarbaboon 1 day ago


  8. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Gasoline Alley 1 day ago

    Well…. I wonder what happened to the color?!?

    I think that for comic relief here, now that everyone is safe (or was safe until the student pilot took control), we need Joel to come on the scene!

  9. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 1 day ago


  10. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 1 day ago

    I think it would be really interesting if Greg used this week’s plot line to help Luann finally see that she is being a bit over the top with Quill!

    I would really like it if Greg were to have the obviously sour-faced Quill tell Luann that her ‘“kinda” difficult’ apology really wasn’t much of an apology.

    If Quill were to tell Luann something like that…. and Luann were to listen and hear him and understand what she said…. then, and really only then…. could the two of them be at a point for some REAL communication.

    Real communication is what is lacking in this whole mess between those two. Luann doesn’t communicate her feelings and emotions to Quill very well if at all. I truly believe that Quill was utterly taken aback by Luann’s anger at him.

    I think all of this could have been avoided by having real communication occur. And… that is why I am sort of predicting that Greg may have that in store… I think he will have Luann and Quill REALLY communicate finally… and by Saturday they will have made up, and Sunday’s splashy comic can be about the newly rekindled “Love Birds”.

    Even though, for the record, I personally would prefer for Quill to leave and for Luann to find some other guy for her boyfriend.