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  1. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Invisible Bread 21 minutes ago

    Excellent comic!!!!


    News (especially news that then is commented on by pundits and Internet commenters)….. is enough to depress damn near anyone. I tend to only listen to NPR anymore because most other news sources (including local news) becomes too damn bombastic and vitriol infused.


    NPR is unfortunately getting a bit more “pundit-filled” too in some ways. I hope that the powers at be try to keep it at bay.

  2. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Gasoline Alley 24 minutes ago

    Now we are getting to the good part!!!!! This should be wonderful as we get to watch Joel peruse the store and its wares!!!!! It is a nice, old-style looking store…. who knows what wonderful things Joel will find and will be able to figure out some good uses for!!!!!


    Maybe even this old store will still sell pipe tobacco and Joel can buy some for him to take with him back home after the trip is done. And…. maybe they will be lucky and there will be a replacement jug that Joel can purchase…. remember, his old one broke in the wheel accident.

  3. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Pluggers 28 minutes ago

    A helluva lot of the press down and turn caps are made in such a way that there is very minimal clearance and so you have to push down in a very specific way which is sometimes difficult to do. I do not have arthritis, but sometimes the tolerances are SO small and tight that it is aggravating. I understand why they are that tight (for added safety)…. but that is WHY so many folks feel annoyed by those caps.


    My own personal peeve revolves around the shrink wrap that is found on most all food containers now-a-days. Again, I know that it is for safety and that is a nice thing, but sometimes, the shrink wrap is especially tight and strong and is a pain in the posterior to try to get started when you actually want to remove it.

  4. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Spirit of the Staircase 3 days ago

    I am hoping you succeed as a comic here on GoComics!!!! I have glanced through several of the posts, and for me, the drawing style (especially in the black and white images is uncomfortably too narrow penned for me, so I will pass at adding it to my daily read. But, I do wish you well and hoe that you find a wide audience!

  5. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 3 days ago

    dragongourd…. why is “great” aunt inaccurate and grandaunt ok? Does a great aunt signify something specifically different? I had not heard of the difference you speak of….. and had used both terms as synonymous. If there are subtle differences, I would enjoy hearing about what they are.

  6. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 3 days ago



    Actually, with that “jokester” fellow being at the table….. I feel sorry for SHANNON! A little bit of silly banter like he seems to specialize in can be ok…. but man, he is IMO getting into the “obnoxious” category for the length of his efforts.


    I am wondering what people think about these two “sentences”:


    “When you plan the seating?”




    “As your Bro-in-law?”


    I mentioned it earlier with the “Bro-in-law” comment, but here it is again…. at least in my fashion of understanding the English language, neither of the above two “sentences” are actual sentences…. and neither makes any sense to me with a QUESTION MARK at the end as the punctuation.


    I tend to think I am fairly familiar with dialects, and dialectical phrases. I also tend to think I am fairly familiar with current slang…. but, what I am missing here? Are those two sentences above some sort of regional thing about which I am completely clueless about?


    I would appreciate any explanation or comments about this. At first, I was thinking it may have been a simple mistake when it happened the first time, but this is the second time the same sort of “odd” pseudo-sentence structure shows up in less than a week…. so it seems intentional.


    It really seems strange and odd to me…. I must be missing something.

  7. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Arlo and Janis 3 days ago

    I am not purposefully being a dunce here, but I do not “get” where the Pitt/Jolie reference came from:


    What I mean is….how is Arlo saying “I’d have to knock on your door.” logically lead to Janis replying with her “is that you, Brad?” comment…. especially with such wide-open eyes?


    Perhaps if Arlo had been shown to knock on something, perhaps the side table or the headboard while he was talking to Janis… then her reply would make a little bit more sense to me…. she would be replying in jest, suggesting that Pitt had been her secret amore.


    And then, even in my above scenario, how does that get to Arlo having some sort of fling with Jolie? There is something I guess I am missing about this interplay that is confusing to me. To me, it almost reads more like they are both aiming for a “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” moment.

  8. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Gasoline Alley 3 days ago

    Rufus says he his hungry and excited? Hmm. Ok.


    Joel, on-the-other-hand, is of course being the wise fellow he always is. He is guiding folks on what they need to do and focus upon.

  9. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Arlo and Janis 3 days ago

    I get mine at our local Rite-Aid pharmacy. They are Orange in color and are very pliable, fit well and REALLY block out sound.

  10. PipeTobacco GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 4 days ago

    Brdshtt… I have not seen that film! I am a big fan of sci-fi films, and somehow have missed that one. It sounds wonderfully interesting from a dystopian perspective (which tends to be a favorite sci-fi subgroup of mine). I will have to look for it. Thank you for talking about it.