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  1. GorgoloChick commented on Betty 4 days ago

    HATE Alex

  2. GorgoloChick commented on Frazz 22 days ago

    Outdoor and indoor/outdoor cats live shorter lives and are much more likely to be injured. Toys and windows and videos and a playmate (possibly their human) make up for adventures in the great outdoors pretty well. And maybe a ‘catio’ (enclosed patio so cats can be outdoors and still protected.

    As for claws – I prefer a few scars and a little bit of furniture damage to the equivalent of cutting off a loved one’s fingers at the first knuckle. You don’t mutilate those for whom you are guardian.

  3. GorgoloChick commented on Frazz 24 days ago

    Or as I saw on the Darwin Awards site the other day; ‘Learn from the mistakes of others – you don’t have time to make them all yourself.’

  4. GorgoloChick commented on Diamond Lil 26 days ago

    My mom used to have a hummingbird feeder right outside her kitchen window. They got used to being watched from quite close, and that was high entertainment! Especially when you have a whole squabble of hummers there at once – like ten on a four-spout feeder!

  5. GorgoloChick commented on Diamond Lil 26 days ago

    Edna, you’re a cheap date!

  6. GorgoloChick commented on Bloom County 29 days ago

    Cutting out carbs, sweets and drinking doesn’t help you live longer – it just SEEMS longer.

  7. GorgoloChick commented on Diamond Lil 29 days ago

    Nah, we’ve seen him before, but more fully clothed, I believe.

  8. GorgoloChick commented on Diamond Lil about 1 month ago

    Hey, Edna, you snooze, you lose!

  9. GorgoloChick commented on Pickles about 1 month ago

    What a minute. Did he say “new” boat. So they already own one?

  10. GorgoloChick commented on Diamond Lil about 1 month ago

    Stupid is just such a cool bird, even if he has more things happen to him than Ziggy and Charlie Brown combined.