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  1. cosman commented on Shoe 1 day ago

    For those looking for nearby theatres that broadcast the Met: https://www.metopera.org/Season/In-Cinemas/Encores-Cinema-Locations/

  2. cosman commented on Adam@Home 1 day ago

    Let Laura take a look at it..

  3. cosman commented on Lio 1 day ago

    Ohm my God..

  4. cosman commented on Reality Check 5 days ago

    I had my colonoscopy a few weeks ago, and he used what looked like an icing syringe to inject something that looked like cream into my arm, i’m watching him inject, and the next thing i know i wake up and the procedure was over a half hour ago.. found no polyps!

  5. cosman commented on Adam@Home 8 days ago

    Rolls Royce of sassafras root beer.. http://bit.ly/2a7M1UK

  6. cosman commented on Monty 15 days ago

    ..Or the adhesive for a brand of vapor barrier house wrap..

  7. cosman commented on Pooch Cafe 15 days ago

    The way he got the lemons, he might just get life..!

  8. cosman commented on Drabble 15 days ago

    One of Mom’s best friend’s husband., and i knew him for years, i never heard (i asked Dad, and he never heard him say a word, either) to us, or his wife, and they were married, happily, for decades. Perhaps that’s one of the techniques for a long relationship..?

  9. cosman commented on Drabble 25 days ago

    Growing up in Seattle with 6 channels, in the morning after the Indian test pattern changed to the montage of scenes of locations around the country while the National Anthem played, then have the morning Farm Grange Report so you’ll know what you can get for your pork bellies..

  10. cosman commented on Big Nate 25 days ago

    Sometimes Mom would clean up my room while i’m at school (i bet to find things she wouldn’t approve of..)
    It would take days to find my stuff that she put away while cleaning.