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  1. cosman commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    Shouldn’t say “Fixed” in front of Odie..

  2. cosman commented on Arlo and Janis 5 days ago

    True.. change will forever be., but i will forever only use my simple 2009 Captain Kirk as a glorified pager and pda.

  3. cosman commented on For Better or For Worse 5 days ago

    On the movie Phenomenon, John Travolta’s character said,
    “Find out what her chairs are and buy them.”

    ..That too..lol

  4. cosman commented on Working Daze 5 days ago

    Last i checked, the cheapest tickets for this Saturday night is $1274.00..

  5. cosman commented on Arlo and Janis 5 days ago

    Don’t get me started on how smartphones are degrading face-to-face social interaction..!

  6. cosman commented on Shoe 5 days ago

    I’m still trying to recall when they last passed something that was a benefit to the citizens..

  7. cosman commented on Drabble 5 days ago

    Being 59, just looked at a foto of me @38.. oh my..

  8. cosman commented on Pooch Cafe 5 days ago

    Then on the mailman’s part,
    his finger is caressing the trigger of the can
    of animal mace..

  9. cosman commented on Frazz 5 days ago

    Hmmm.. a 10-haircut summer..
    @ two weeks between trims, that’s 20 weeks,
    or 5 months.. good idea !

  10. cosman commented on Adam@Home 5 days ago

    If they keep that up, it’ll end up like the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose..