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  1. cosman commented on Pooch Cafe about 4 hours ago

    Still enjoy Just Born’s Mike & Ike and Hot Tamales (mix ’em together in a plastic bag..yum !)

  2. cosman commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 5 hours ago

    Early ’70’s, cruising thru Univ. of Wash. campus on drop handle roadbike..
    Hit curb, and for a brief moment went faster than the bike,
    Put my arm in front of my head to protect it (the days before helmets..)
    Gave the arm a compression compound fracture., a fair tradeoff from it being my skull.

  3. cosman commented on Rabbits Against Magic 3 days ago

    For $43 a month of high-speed broadband, i can get $150 worth of cable programming..
    and of that, i only watch 22 shows regularly.

  4. cosman commented on Red and Rover 3 days ago

    ..and to think the feds give half a billion a year to PBS, and when they have those monthly fund raisers you’d think they’re down to their last few bucks..

  5. cosman commented on Broom Hilda 6 days ago

    A couple weeks ago, i was having a bad day..
    then i found a quarter on the sidewalk, and the rest of day was much better!

  6. cosman commented on Ziggy 6 days ago

    I KNEW she was a shell of her prior self..!

  7. cosman commented on Broom Hilda 11 days ago

    Thanks Alex, Will make my posts of that sort neater.

  8. cosman commented on Monty 11 days ago

    Being at least 30 in the 80’s, i was mature enough to be perceptive..
    I wonder how thinskined society (myself excepted) will be three decades from now.

  9. cosman commented on Broom Hilda 11 days ago

    Ralph Ziggy said, “where can I see ruins like that in country where teacher speaks english?”

  10. cosman commented on Monty 11 days ago

    Up until the ’80’s everyone was thickskinned enough not to take political incorrectness seriously.. so what happened since?