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  1. cosman commented on The Fusco Brothers 1 day ago

    You dog, you..

  2. cosman commented on Drabble 1 day ago


  3. cosman commented on Frazz 1 day ago

    Back in the ’60’s, I used to marvel on how my oldest sister on Saturday afternoons would simultaneously Niagara Spray Starch iron her blouse and jeans, watch and dance to the American Bandstand on tv, and talk to her best friends on the phone about the dancers on the show..

  4. cosman commented on Herman 7 days ago

    The pot is a nice touch.

  5. cosman commented on For Better or For Worse 7 days ago

    Love is always trying to think of new & different ways to make your partner’s eyes flash bright..

  6. cosman commented on Red and Rover 9 days ago

    Funny.. my eyes are wet..

  7. cosman commented on Heart of the City 12 days ago

    A Korean lady confided that a bar of dark chocolate, washed down with a cup of green tea, could put the tranquilizer and anti-depressant manufacturers out of business..

  8. cosman commented on Calvin and Hobbes 12 days ago

    ZZ Top mainman Billy Gibbons revealed that he and bandmate Dusty Hill once turned down an offer of $1 million to shave off their beards. The singer, who has sported a very lengthy beard since the late ‘70s, told Brave Worlds that he and Hill were approached by Gillette, who offered them the staggering amount of money to shave. Though still a hefty wedge by today’s standards, the offer came in 1984, meaning it would be worth $2,316,140.52 today.

  9. cosman commented on Frank & Ernest 12 days ago

    LOL !

  10. cosman commented on Drabble 12 days ago

    True.,then just plug her ears so she can’t hear..