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  1. cosman commented on Adam@Home 1 day ago

    My sister NEVER honored the sibling code..

  2. cosman commented on The Duplex 3 days ago

    Sounds like a deal Kerry would go for..

  3. cosman commented on Drabble 3 days ago

    Someone told me that all-white/ivory/creme interiors will slowly over a long period of time drive one nuts..

  4. cosman commented on Adam@Home 3 days ago

    On a whim, i looked it up, here’s the only place on earth that has anything near what she wanted.. bit.ly/1PGzuDb

  5. cosman commented on B.C. 6 days ago

    Duck, you wood, wooden you..?

  6. cosman commented on Brewster Rockit 13 days ago

    ..and if it’s a custom lightsaber you need.. http://bit.ly/1SznwQ2

  7. cosman commented on Ziggy 25 days ago

    ..Four months and three days after my debut.

  8. cosman commented on La Cucaracha 27 days ago

    “Doesn’t ammo have a shelf life?”

    I understand that a lead product has been removed from all new primers and that the self life is now on the order of 6 months to 1 1/2 years

  9. cosman commented on Heart of the City about 1 month ago


  10. cosman commented on Heart of the City about 1 month ago

    ..And after exploring the yet unexplored chambers in the Pyramid, i’d get lost in the Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna..