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  1. charliekane commented on Stuart Carlson 1 day ago

    Keep Uncle Sam from wearing this same sign on his (our) back(s).

  2. charliekane commented on Matt Davies 1 day ago

    Donny sho’ do have a sho’t tenshun span, don’ he?

    He say he wanna bag that prezdensy, but ‘stead he go off shootin’ at some skwerril.

  3. charliekane commented on Mike Luckovich 1 day ago

    “That’s what I hear. . .what everybody says. . .I hear it everywhere. . .I don’t know Reagan’s dad, but your hearin’ it. . .it’s everywhere. . .very sad. . .

  4. charliekane commented on Jeff Danziger 1 day ago

    If Democrats didn’t fight, they wouldn’t be Democrats.

    Just get the shite together and keep Donnie J(ackass) out of the White House.

  5. charliekane commented on Matt Wuerker 1 day ago

    Get a handle on that disgust. Unless one wants Trumpf in office (and I recommend counseling, or at least some education if you do), Hillary is your choice.

    Remember Florida in 2000. Not the hanging chads, the Green Party.

  6. charliekane commented on Michael Ramirez 4 days ago

    Tiny hands are soooo cute!

  7. charliekane commented on Marshall Ramsey 4 days ago

    Good on ya, Teddie. . .

  8. charliekane commented on Tom Toles 4 days ago

    This is serious. Trumpf is a dangerous man. I am sure that Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are fine human beings. Voting for either of them will not stop him.

    That role falls to the imperfect Democratic nominee. Trumpf said last night that only he can save us. I hope that most of us recognize him for the narcissistic cr@p monger he is.

    Some have said that if Trumpf were elected, the fault lies with the imperfect Hillary. I say, the fault will fall upon any who underestimate what is at stake. Don’t cast your ballot just to “feel good” about it. Make your vote count.

    The Dark Knight must go down!

  9. charliekane commented on Chan Lowe 5 days ago

    I dunno. He’s got some ideas on NATO that may get thngs hoppin’.

  10. charliekane commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    . . . around your mouth, maybe? Please!