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  1. trm commented on Bob Gorrell about 9 hours ago

    Oh geez, more trout hyperbole. Concentration camps? Really?
    Yeah there were American citizens interned there, and yeah there’s no excuse for it, but just how many Japanese-Americans were gassed in those camps, trout? Beaten, starved, tortured, shot?
    You really do erode what little credibility you have left with silly polemics like this.

  2. trm commented on Chip Bok about 9 hours ago

    Not sure what your point is, but if that is in fact what happened, it’s a good bet Trump learned a few tips from watching President Teleprompter read every one of his stultifyingly boring speeches over the last eight years.

  3. trm commented on Prickly City about 15 hours ago

    “Oh, let’s all just do the right thing and vote for Hillary…”
    Massive contradiction in terms. Voting for the HIldebeast will never be the right thing to do.
    “The consequences of a Trump presidency would simply be too ghastly to imagine…”
    As would the consequences of a Hildebeast regime, orders of magnitude worse.

  4. trm commented on Prickly City 1 day ago

    Whereas Dems get to vote for the woman who can very definitely be bought. Money and power is what she’s all about.

  5. trm commented on Prickly City 7 days ago

    Whereas the Dems have nominated a known liar, an unethical, corrupt criminal dirtbag, an enabler of a sexual predator, whose polling negatives are just as high as Trump’s, if not higher. Dems have no moral high ground on this or any other issue.

  6. trm commented on Prickly City 9 days ago

    “Sorry but we already had a nincompoop-in-chief…”
    …for the last eight years.

  7. trm commented on Non Sequitur 11 days ago

    99% of NRA members, really? You should no problem coming up with ironclad documentation of a bold claim like that.
    Your polemics aside, The Pulse was a gun-free zone, and the scumbag Islamist perp knew it. If it hadn’t been, the scumbag would’ve known there was a high chance somebody would’ve fired back at him. And like all cowards, he would’ve chosen a softer target.

  8. trm commented on Prickly City 12 days ago

    It does, and I addressed that in my previous comment. Stupid people endanger their children every day, in many ways much more frequent and lethal than gun accidents. Children die from drowning and abuse much more frequently than from gun incidents. Creating more laws that only take guns away from law-abiding citizens isn’t going to solve the problem.

  9. trm commented on Prickly City 13 days ago

    Okay, I googled it. It is not happening weekly.
    The vast majority of gun owners are responsible enough to keep guns away from children. And most of those gun owners would be in favor of severe penalties for scumbags who are irresponsible enough to leave guns where they’re accessible by children.
    That said, what kind of new gun laws (which will only make guns less available to law-abiding citizens) do you propose to stop this purported apocalypse of toddlers shooting their parents?

  10. trm commented on Non Sequitur 13 days ago

    It ain’t capitalism that’s responsible for this corrupt system. Corruption is governance-neutral, unfortunately.
    The bad news for you is that corruption is always much, much worse under planned-economic systems like socialism/communism.