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  1. bangalee commented on The Flying McCoys over 6 years ago

    This is the most apt cartoon to apply to Australian politics right at this very hour.

  2. bangalee commented on The Flying McCoys over 6 years ago

    Nighthawks. Herewith my comment fee - $$$$$$$$$$. Does your kind offer allow for two comments a day from the same person? Leakysqueaky712. Pretending to misunderstand always makes for a good joke. Am honored and delighted to have earned a mention in one of your despatches. :-) Been great to have joined in ‘comments’. Now going to retire for a while again. (Bows with smile to thankfull cheers).

  3. bangalee commented on Real Life Adventures over 6 years ago

    Two surefire ways of finding lost things - (1) look for something else or (2) go buy another one. Must hide this cartoon from my wife.

  4. bangalee commented on Close to Home over 6 years ago

    My mechanic’s answer to creating work was to leave a wrench in the fanbelt.

  5. bangalee commented on The Flying McCoys over 6 years ago

    surfstuff55 This is funnier than the cartoon. Sorry buddy, you’re wrong. Believe it or believe it not, up to you. leakysqueaky712 senses a roast coming on. Fine, I was a fan of those famous roasts of celebrities, but please don’t mistake me for someone else as did our good friend surfstuff55 and do get in a comment or two on the cartoon, that’s why I come to this site, it’s fantastic. Just wish I could not only draw like that but also think up a good gag every day. As for me, I’m off to do the rounds and gain from the comments others make about the cartoons

  6. bangalee commented on The Flying McCoys over 6 years ago

    Said my bit, going to bed. I just want to read the Comments to further appreciate the humor and artistry in these comics, not to see someone being denigrated either directly, by implication or the applauding of someone else’s attempt to do so.

  7. bangalee commented on The Flying McCoys over 6 years ago

    OK, then let’s look at it another way. The Flying McCoys is a brilliant strip and the facility we are all using is called ‘Comments’, which presumably means we can make comments on the strip. It is obvious from recent happenings that some certain person can no longer contribute but this strip is still being used to denigrate them. The very best that can be said about these remarks are that they are unnecessary and an abuse of the ‘Comments’ facility. Whether the victim’s name be Joe or Bill or Harry, or your own, derogatory remarks about someone who cannot reply, are detracting not only from this strip but all of Gocomics. Perhaps the denigraters should pause and think how they would feel if it was being done to them and then make sure they are perfect before getting another few moments with cheap feel-good remarks.

  8. bangalee commented on The Flying McCoys over 6 years ago

    FishStix Guess you said it … yeah … gotta love it. Michael McMillan Same here, my name is only one amongst 6 B other folks on the planet. Seems Joe got one step ahead of us all and made a name for himself. Don’t know DT but perhaps whoever is responsible for it should consider whether an interest replaces a talent. Signing off. Been fun. Maybe we’ll meet again.

  9. bangalee commented on The Flying McCoys over 6 years ago

    FishStix. Begging for comment, good or bad, asterisk you take! I feel I have to have some training in cartoons to comment, others can do as they please of course. Perhaps I should google Joe’s name and at least find something interesting to read. Apparently he was game enough to use his real name. Would anyone here care to leave theirs? Do you think a google on them would hold any interest? From what I have read, many have googled his name. What a feather in his cap, and remember, all anyone had to do was ignore his comments, but it seems few did. What a dream contact for an advertising agency! Now I see a man with color, not some wishywashy individual who nobody could be bothered googling. Oh, please, if you did not like what he said why did you google him instead of ignoring him?

  10. bangalee commented on Frank & Ernest over 6 years ago

    verily, that is true. The saving grace is that the young of some spiders are cannibilistic if competition gets too heavy. But all you worried Mums and Dads out there can’t get solace from that.