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  1. JohnHerbison commented on Doonesbury 5 months ago

    Can anyone imagine Mary and Joseph in couples counseling?

  2. JohnHerbison commented on Frank & Ernest 6 months ago

    Monica Lewinsky’s favorite movie when she was a child was Peter Pan. At least it was until she realized they were singing about FOLLOWING the leader.

  3. JohnHerbison commented on Tank McNamara 6 months ago

    Tiger Woods finally found a woman who doesn’t mind things going downhill fast!

  4. JohnHerbison commented on Tank McNamara 8 months ago

    My favorite comment about the mess at Penn State is that they should have left the statute of Paterno up, but turned it so that it was looking the other way.

  5. JohnHerbison commented on Tank McNamara 8 months ago

    For the 40 year award, how about Jerry Sandusky?

  6. JohnHerbison commented on Doonesbury 8 months ago

    I like the Frank & Ernest strip where they are in a Starbucks-type coffee shop and one says to the other, “One time I got so confused by all the choices that I ordered an Al Pacino.”

  7. JohnHerbison commented on Doonesbury 9 months ago

    Is innuendo where one puts an Italian suppository?

  8. JohnHerbison commented on Non Sequitur 9 months ago

    Do you know why Santa is always jolly? Because he knows where the naughty girls live.

  9. JohnHerbison commented on Doonesbury 9 months ago

    I often wondered about how much of the push for impeachment of Bill Clinton was driven by Republican House members who were jealous because no twentysomething women paid attention to them.

  10. JohnHerbison commented on Non Sequitur 10 months ago

    I am reminded of a joke which Little Jimmy Dickens tells. It seems he was taking a walk one morning when a frog caught his attention. The frog explained that she was a beautiful young woman until an evil wizard had cast a spell that turned her into a frog, that only a kiss from a gentleman could break the spell, and she would be most grateful if he would do the honors.

    Little Jimmy then picked up the frog, stuck it in the pocket of his overalls, and continued walking. The frog intoned in a sultry voice, “Just think of all the fun we can have!”

    He replied, “Well, at my age, I think I’d rather have a talking frog.”