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  1. olmail commented on The Norm Classics almost 5 years ago

    they are right 99% of the time— 99% of people misread what they are saying

  2. olmail commented on Daddy's Home about 5 years ago

    that he is aware that Dad’s interest is in that education thing, not his social trivia. and he is not intereested in that. therefore he has no answer for Dad that has value to both of them.

  3. olmail commented on Agnes about 5 years ago

    all dawns daunt me these days. a bit of coffee and i am ok with a couple of hours after dawn though.

  4. olmail commented on Adam@Home about 5 years ago

    my favorite was the old woman in a shack gets invaded by a tiny spaceship. and attempts to kill the aliens. at the end we see it is a U.S. craft

  5. olmail commented on Fort Knox about 5 years ago

    and quite likely, he didn’t cut it off himself.

  6. olmail commented on Frog Applause about 5 years ago

    it would largely be agriculture and domesticated plants and flowers that would suffer from an absence of honeybeees. native bees, wasps,moths, butterflies, and birds would assume, or resume their natural place fo most native and some domestic plants

  7. olmail commented on Frog Applause over 6 years ago

    i have long been aware of the potential stress relief offered by gripping your wiener, i do think the grip depicted on the packaging may be excessively firm for the purpose.

  8. olmail commented on Daddy's Home over 6 years ago

    i like the strip a lot Tony. just not at all interested in joining facebook. i have a phone that is only good for making and receiving calls too.

  9. olmail commented on Bloom County over 6 years ago

    that poor peterson kid. he can be mistaken for opus?

  10. olmail commented on Bewley over 6 years ago

    some people need detailed instructions