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  1. jmlares commented on Garfield 7 months ago

    Strips like these make me miss the old days of actual storylines in Garfield. You’re right Llewellenbruce, I think even after 5 years, Jon and Liz are still going nowhere. I think as a whole, making Garfield less of a three panel gag and into more story centric wouldn’t do good for the brand though. Those of us who have been reading the strip for 20+ years would LOVE that though. At least make the weekday panels relevant to each other again!

  2. jmlares commented on Stone Soup 8 months ago

    School ends in June here, and we start much later now in Texas. They started making the kids go in 10 minutes earlier too.

  3. jmlares commented on Luann 8 months ago

    Wow, what’s with that green LCD?

  4. jmlares commented on Luann about 1 year ago

    I’m loving the uptempo, cheerful strips in the last couple of weeks! Makes you kinda wonder about the future.

  5. jmlares commented on Fort Knox about 1 year ago

    He outsources his work, remember? ;)

  6. jmlares commented on Garfield about 1 year ago

    Texas pretty much said forget you to spring and ran off with summer over here.

  7. jmlares commented on Fort Knox about 1 year ago

    I noticed that too.

  8. jmlares commented on Luann almost 3 years ago

    Because Comics.com merged with GoComics. It’ll probably be up eventually, but they’re still working on it.

  9. jmlares commented on Garfield about 3 years ago

    Reminds me of that comment that someone posted a few days back when Jon asked how he could impress Liz. It got deleted though. LOL!

    But wow, just wow. It’s come to this.

  10. jmlares commented on Garfield about 3 years ago

    A diamond ring perhaps? They’ve been dating since 2009 now…