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  1. mangoman99 commented on Mike Thompson about 6 years ago

    harley–a bust on the theatrics used by soccer players to draw a whistle for a penalty.

    Some of the faking is laughable, in a pitiful way.

  2. mangoman99 commented on Chuck Asay about 6 years ago

    “Don’t fire until you read the Bible scripture laser engraved on the lens of your rifle scope.”

    Now we’re sifting through a biblical worldview!

  3. mangoman99 commented on Lisa Benson about 6 years ago

    Where is senorbullwinkle these days?

  4. mangoman99 commented on Pat Oliphant about 6 years ago

    ^ Whattya mean–BS? Brain Storm?

    Speaking of brains, where is senorbullwinkle?

  5. mangoman99 commented on Ken Catalino about 6 years ago

    Good question, myming. I also wonder why gocomics is deaf to our stop the spammers plea.

    You new avatar looks like one angry cat!

  6. mangoman99 commented on Steve Benson about 6 years ago

    Nice to see the Coppertone girl again.

  7. mangoman99 commented on Ken Catalino about 6 years ago

    Hey nemesis! I just did what you suggested. Therapeutic, in some fashion.

    Odd collection of ‘toons they chose to spam upon.

    Here’s hoping it helped…

  8. mangoman99 commented on Small World about 6 years ago

    ^ And tapping your foot doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking for a cigar,,,sometimes.

  9. mangoman99 commented on Steve Breen about 6 years ago

    ^ “Do not judge a man until you walk one mile in his moccasins” didn’t work so well for our continent’s Native Americans, eh Bruce? Our maybe it did–after enough warriors took the walk, they decided to fight. But of course, “manifest destiny” carried the blue-eyed devil to victory over the godless savages.

    Glad to read your posted observation of trout’s truisms.

  10. mangoman99 commented on Steve Sack about 6 years ago

    The blender must be manufactured by “Small Event”, Inc.