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  1. ARodney commented on Jerry Holbert 8 days ago

    I’ve heard Trump swear a blue streak. Never Hillary. But, I guess, when you’ve got nothing, you draw nothing. Poor conservative cartoonists. Not a single issue on which their candidates are on the right side of history, science, or morality.

  2. ARodney commented on Mike Lester 8 days ago

    Yep. Obama playing golf is so much worse than Bush clearing brush. I’ll take Obama’s record over every president in my lifetime. The places where America is failing (a price on carbon, minimum wage, Guantanamo, falling spending on infrastructure, judicial appointment blockade) are the fault of a congress that cannot bring itself to do anything that helps America under a black president.

  3. ARodney commented on Glenn McCoy 8 days ago

    Cartoon fail. It’s not the media that’s trying to muzzle Trump. The media is very happy to report his idiocy and lies for all the world to see. It would be nice if Trump stopped egging his supporters on to attack specific reporters, though, and asserting that the first amendment doesn’t give media the right to print whatever they want.

  4. ARodney commented on Ken Catalino 8 days ago

    Excellent. I’m not used to complimenting Catalino, but he’s really nailed this one. (I wouldn’t have minded if he’d added ankle weights to Hillary labeled Secrecy and Clinton Foundation, I mean, fair is fair.)

  5. ARodney commented on Jim Morin 8 days ago

    Conservatives are so cute when they believe their own lies!

  6. ARodney commented on Clay Bennett 8 days ago

    Yep. Go to Milwaukee, meet with the police, and ignore the protestors. Cal them a bunch of whiners. Now, if the police were trying to enforce grazing regulations instead of shooting people, THERE’S a good reason to attack the police.

  7. ARodney commented on Lisa Benson 9 days ago

    Obama had as much to do with taking troops from Iraq as Clinton had to do with NAFTA. Negotiated and signed by his predecessor. The only way Obama could have left troops in Iraq would have been to remove Iraq’s democratically-elected government. We know how THAT story goes.

  8. ARodney commented on Clay Bennett 10 days ago

    The Manafort story only matters if Trump supporters care. Believe me, they don’t even know, much less care, who Paul Manafort is. All they care about is that Trump is a racist bigot bigmouth who will bully people they hate. That’s all that matters.

  9. ARodney commented on Glenn McCoy 16 days ago

    The cartoon, of course, is based on a lie. These things CAN be measured. And when you look at TV and newspaper reporting, Trump was given not only a lot of free publicity, but far less negative coverage than Clinton. But “observed data” no longer has a place in conservative thought, whether news coverage, climate science, economics, or basic math.


  10. ARodney commented on Brian McFadden 16 days ago

    Brasssorchid’s ignorant rant comes from Breitbart and other right-wing fake-news sites. They have no argument against the Kahns, but they know that racists will buy into a fake “sharia law” story. It’s just like “John Kerry was a coward and his medals were fake.” Enough people believe it, and the GOP does not respect heroism.