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  1. ARodney commented on Lisa Benson about 5 hours ago

    Good point. If Trump gets elected, the first thing he should do is pardon himself for everything he’s done up until now, and then renew the pardon every morning with his breakfast. That should stop those pesky congressional investigations.

  2. ARodney commented on Jeff Danziger about 8 hours ago

    Combat, remember that the entire Wells-Fargo fiasco would have gone un-noticed, un-reported, and un-punished if the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau didn’t exist. If the GOP keeps control of both houses of congress, it will be killed. They’ve already promised it.

  3. ARodney commented on Jim Morin about 8 hours ago

    This rendition of a Trump portrait is actually a much better piece of art than the one Trump paid $20,000 for.

  4. ARodney commented on Mike Luckovich about 8 hours ago

    This already happened. Trump’s campaign assembled a team to put together policy papers. After months, they were not paid, their writing was ignored, and most of them (the ones not independently wealthy) quit. A Trump promise, even a signed Trump contract, is worth precisely nothing. He’d rather pay a lawyer to fight a contract in court than to just pay the contract, because it’s more dickish that way.

  5. ARodney commented on Clay Jones about 8 hours ago

    Bruce, it would be much simpler, efficient, and fairer to close tax loopholes for cheating businesses and rich people, and have the government pay a big chunk of university budgets, the way they did when the boomers were in college. Can you imagine the Trump Corp spending a single dime to educate a young person, regardless of the young person’s aptitude? Other people pay for stuff, not corporations.

  6. ARodney commented on Tim Eagan about 8 hours ago

    He’s already said that when he looks in the mirror he sees a man of 35. Which is why Hillary, two years his junior (and, as a woman, much farther from her statistical life span) looks so old — oops, I meant to say “lacking in stamina” — compared to his own young self. He probably thinks she’s fatter than he is too.

  7. ARodney commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    Amazing! With no new polls, there are no new results! She did very well in the focus groups, and we’ll need to be patient for accurate post-debate polls.

  8. ARodney commented on Darrin Bell 1 day ago

    He SAYS that he’s been audited every year, but has never presented any evidence of that. Since he lies easily and constantly, and since the audit is his only excuse for not revealing his taxes, it seems perfectly likely that he’s not actually being audited.

  9. ARodney commented on Signe Wilkinson 8 days ago

    Excellent cartoon.

  10. ARodney commented on Robert Ariail 8 days ago

    More to the point, Gary can explain how life would be without an EPA, highways, water quality, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Center for Disease Control. At least the rich will be much, much richer; so there’s that.