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  1. ARodney commented on Jerry Holbert about 13 hours ago

    It’s a shame. Chris Christie would have fit right in in a Republican administration. “My way, or I block all the highways.” Why anyone would vote Republican is beyond me. Why do you actively vote for a non-functioning country?

  2. ARodney commented on Rob Rogers about 13 hours ago

    As Clinton pointed out, seventeen federal agencies have determined that it was Russia that did the hacking. I’d believe that over a right-wing talk radio host. Then again, reality has a liberal bias.

  3. ARodney commented on Robert Ariail about 15 hours ago

    Not a single accusation has fallen apart, NPP. Maybe that’s what you mean by “amazing.” Quite a number have been confirmed by people who Trump’s sexual abuse victims told at the time (which is quite a neat time travel feat if Hillary is controlling them.) But I guess you get your news from the Trump himself, whose constant lies your gullible kind eats up like candy.

  4. ARodney commented on Tom Toles about 15 hours ago

    NPP has his own polls, the same made-up ones that Trump is looking at. He has no use for the real world in his conservative fantasy dystopia where immigrants are flowing over the borders, violence is rising, and Hillary is threatening to confiscate guns, and Trump is going to win.

  5. ARodney commented on Matt Wuerker 1 day ago

    Look at the tension in religious “Universities,” where the students are angry that their teachers are supporting a non-Christian, adulterous, lying, hypocritical, promise-breaking casino owner over an actual Christian. The religious right lost its credibility with most Americans decades ago, but now it is losing credibility with its own people.

  6. ARodney commented on Matt Wuerker 2 days ago

    The nice thing is you can vote against mudslinging, and vote against immoral policies, and vote against bigotry, and vote for logic and science and evidence-based policies, all in the exact same way. Straight-ticket Democrat.

  7. ARodney commented on Tim Eagan 6 days ago

    White was for the suffragists 100 years ago, who wore white. And whose ghosts are surely asking each other “what took so long?”

  8. ARodney commented on Tom Toles 6 days ago

    What’s almost as awful as Trump’s statement that he won’t necessarily accept the results of the election, is McCain’s statement that he doesn’t consider Clinton a legitimate president for appointing supreme court justices. I just sent money to his opponent. We need senators who believe in the American system of government and following the constitution, not nihilistic anti-American absolutists.

  9. ARodney commented on Jerry Holbert 7 days ago

    Clinton doesn’t need a cannon, and I doubt she’ll bring much other than actual policy. Trump’s mode of operation this far is to shoot his own feet.

  10. ARodney commented on Steve Benson 7 days ago

    Just like she assassinated Jill Stein? And Barack Obama? And Bernie Sanders? The farce is strong in H3nry. There is, of course, no evidence for Clinton assassinating anyone, you’re thinking of Trump’s best and only remaining buddy Vladimir Putin.