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  1. DanEd55 commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago

    And the question stands “What is wrong with a Big Rear End?”
    I like them, I like them a lot

  2. DanEd55 commented on Boomerangs 5 months ago

    I feel Your pain Jane.
    I often have the same problem, the damn things just won’t open

  3. DanEd55 commented on Soup to Nutz 5 months ago

    You could survive sticking your finger in the live socket.
    I’m pretty sure sticking you tongue in there will kill you

  4. DanEd55 commented on Moderately Confused 5 months ago

    Has anyone actually seen a well at the top of the hill?

  5. DanEd55 commented on Baldo 5 months ago

    How can just 4 people use so many plates?

  6. DanEd55 commented on Luann 5 months ago

    I agree with you.
    It’s one thing to willingly take drugs
    It’s another to be tricked into it

  7. DanEd55 commented on Cleats 6 months ago

    It is what the field is called. Mostly a British thing

  8. DanEd55 commented on Prickly City 7 months ago

    Also on Comedy Central, HBO, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS

  9. DanEd55 commented on Soup to Nutz 8 months ago

    Magic shoe, Only fits Ella.

  10. DanEd55 commented on Rip Haywire 8 months ago

    Go for the senseless violence, it make more of an impression on criminals.
    Chicks love it if it’s for them