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  1. Orion commented on JumpStart 8 months ago

    The guy’s spot on. The most common cause of all the house fires I was on when I was a firefighter was…unattended candles.


  2. Orion commented on PC and Pixel 8 months ago

    With ‘Policing For Profit’, that’d actually be a better deal than what we’ve got going on now.


  3. Orion commented on PC and Pixel 9 months ago

    Yeah, because kids NEVER played with toy weapons before they were made by toy companies. Not finger-guns, not bows and arrows, not spears, not sticks masquerading as rifles…Nope!


  4. Orion commented on PreTeena 9 months ago

    Judging by her eyes, it was indeed the moisture…;-) :P


  5. Orion commented on Pearls Before Swine 10 months ago

    I’d be more willing to vote if it wasn’t so obviously rigged.

    Doesn’t help when you take classes from professors who show you exactly HOW they rigged elections – and proved it.

    But it sure does make entertaining theater!


  6. Orion commented on Bloom County 10 months ago

    I wonder if that isn’t the reason why all the downstream Democrats are afraid to appear or admit they ever supported The One…


  7. Orion commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 10 months ago

    AWESOME strip – I LOVE the motion as drawn…Just…gorgeous artwork.


  8. Orion commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 11 months ago

    Ms Simpson, you provide us this strip for FREE. You have nothing to apologize for – Thank you for my free ice cream. Love your strip and new ones are always worth waiting for!


  9. Orion commented on Non Sequitur 12 months ago

    ROCK ON!! Best Non Sequitur evah!

    (My fuzzies always make coming home joyful)


  10. Orion commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 12 months ago