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  1. gladiator85 commented on Frank & Ernest 13 days ago

    They tried raising the income tax a few years ago. The party in power, the Dems, said that if they raised taxes for two years they would rein in spending and take care of the pension deficit. They did neither.

  2. gladiator85 commented on Brewster Rockit 13 days ago

    Watch it they offer Soylent Green with a cookbook, ‘How to serve Man’.

  3. gladiator85 commented on Broom Hilda 13 days ago

    I hate to say this, but why would Broomie care if she has life insurance or not? Who’s she going to leave it all to?

  4. gladiator85 commented on Drabble 26 days ago

    Yeah, I know that is true for the state lottery, but I’m not sure about the multistate lotteries. I know that there was a case recently where a person won 250k from the Illinois state lottery and all he got was an IOU.

  5. gladiator85 commented on Animal Crackers 27 days ago

    Good thing that he didn’t ask the way to San Jose because they don’t have any water for frogs right now.

  6. gladiator85 commented on Drabble 28 days ago

    He actually had a good idea. lol

  7. gladiator85 commented on JumpStart 28 days ago

    So is H2O. Hundreds if not thousands of people die every H2O. We should ban H2O.

  8. gladiator85 commented on Broom Hilda 30 days ago

    If they laugh too much they might get a zap for Halloween.

  9. gladiator85 commented on Broom Hilda about 1 month ago

    Could have been goldfish or oyster crackers instead.

  10. gladiator85 commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    And it’ll give you cancer if that is all that you eat for 80+ years. lol