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  1. zev.farkas commented on Non Sequitur about 6 years ago

    @kheman -

    Just from the math point of view, “800%” makes plenty of sense - it means that one group gets eight times as much money as the other… (whether those numbers are true, I have no idea…)

    @submachine -

    There are many different types of cancers, and as far as treatment goes, one size definitely does NOT fit all. The research is difficult and tedious, and each type has to be studied and treated according to its own rules.

    This ends up being extremely expensive. A lot has been done in the past half-century or so, and even more remains to be done.

    If we’re going to spend money on research, I’d rather it be spent of figuring out how to fix what ails us, rather than weapons and the next great carbonated beverage or whatever…

    BTW - anyone notice how the spammers have been getting really cute and creative with their graphics? Not that it stops me from flagging them… Anyone know how to get the codes they use for that?

  2. zev.farkas commented on PreTeena about 6 years ago

    darkeforce -

    yes, especially if it’s the New York Times

    (notorious for leaving readers’ hands ink-stained…)


  3. zev.farkas commented on Non Sequitur about 6 years ago

    Is the USAF still flying F4s?

  4. zev.farkas commented on ViewsAmerica about 6 years ago

    @human -

    where did you study structural engineering?

    and what are you trying to imply? that the WTC buildings were sabotaged?

    my proposed analysis (pretty conventional…): there were many floors above where the planes hit. the fires weakened the steel on the levels where the planes hit. once one vertical support gave way, its absence overloaded other (already weakened) vertical supports on the same level. the weight of the essentially intact upper portion of the building above caused the entire level to collapse (“pancake”).

    now that the upper structure has fallen about 3 m (about 10 feet) the momentum collapses the weakened beams of the next level down, and so on. after a few floors collapse in this manner, it has reached the unweakened lower levels, but the momentum is so overwhelming that it collapses them too, and the process continues until it reaches the basement.

  5. zev.farkas commented on FoxTrot Classics over 6 years ago

    You mean we’re actually going to have to work?

  6. zev.farkas commented on Non Sequitur over 6 years ago

    None of the little fishies are going for the bait… looks like they learned something in school! :)

  7. zev.farkas commented on Pooch Cafe over 6 years ago

    I can still hear you saying We must never break the chain

    actually, we really do have to break the chain of kiss up, kick down…

    class after class, generation after generation, we take our revenge on the innocents because we haven’t the opportunity (or guts) to take it out on our tormentors…

  8. zev.farkas commented on Lio over 6 years ago

    Hickory dickory dock The mice ran up the clock The clock struck one The others escaped with minor injuries…

    and, apropos of very little…

    Mickey Mouse Is a louse Donald Duck Is a fuuuuuuu……. …..nnnnny little fellow

  9. zev.farkas commented on Pooch Cafe over 6 years ago

    how does he expect Congress to help him?

  10. zev.farkas commented on Ziggy over 6 years ago

    well, this guy came by and promised me a ton of fish food if I’d let him drill here… it seemed like a good deal at the time…