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Working Daze

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  1. Bigby65 commented on Sunshine State about 2 years ago

    I first saw this in my google plus notifications, and thought that the alligator in the last panel was Albert (from Pogo). that is a compliment, btw. also, I’ve always been a fan of Graham Nolan’s artwork, so I’ve added it to my queue.

  2. Bigby65 commented on Red and Rover over 4 years ago

    Red, you forgot the “cough”….

  3. Bigby65 commented on MythTickle over 4 years ago

    I didn’t know that. Was that on an episode of the show? If so, which season? Thanks.

  4. Bigby65 commented on Fred Basset over 4 years ago

    It’s the Magnificent Seven!!!

  5. Bigby65 commented on Tales of TerraTopia over 4 years ago

    I like the detail of the blood dripping from his broken hand

  6. Bigby65 commented on MythTickle over 4 years ago

    Gozer is from Ghostbusters

  7. Bigby65 commented on Zootopia over 4 years ago

    Welcome back, Mike!!! Sorry to hear about your problems. Take care of yourself first and update as you can.

  8. Bigby65 commented on The Lost Bear over 4 years ago


    A little over-sensitive to nighthawks’ comment aren’t you? Try making a similar cartoon about bin Laden and see just how far you’d get. Or better yet, why don’t you submit this cartoon to a synagogue, if you think it is so funny.

    Mass murderers should never be made fun of or it simply belittles those who died at their hands. Do you have any relatives who died in the Holocaust? If you did, you would understand exactly how disgusting this actually is.

    By the way, this is America and nighthawks is just as entitled to his opinion of your “comic” strip, as are those who “enjoyed” it. You can certainly publish it, but do NOT denigrate others who disagree with you or your so-called “humor”.

  9. Bigby65 commented on Ralf the Destroyer over 4 years ago

    Top shelf: ?, Cyberman, Darth Vader, Cylon
    Bottom shelf: Stormtrooper (?), Gort

  10. Bigby65 commented on Molly and the Bear over 4 years ago

    I’d pay for a “Molly and the Bear” figure set. With Bear being stuffed, while Molly would be a human-type articulated figure about half the size of Bear…..