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  1. Nathan Bain commented on Henry Payne over 3 years ago

    I took my wife, thought it would be a good escape…. should have seen “the Heat”

  2. Nathan Bain commented on Tim Eagan almost 5 years ago

    the pilgrims were not the same people who wrote our Bill of rights, yes they just wanted everyone to worship there way but that gave out to tolerance of all religions, remember it says “freedom of religion” not “freedom from religion”

  3. Nathan Bain commented on Jim Morin almost 5 years ago

    both are wrong its"Freedom of Religion"

  4. Nathan Bain commented on Steve Benson about 5 years ago

    It’s not flip flopping it’s called growing up, getting the facts and changing ones mind. Who among you hold the same views as you did when you were a teenager? Not many I would guess.