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  1. woowie commented on Broom Hilda about 5 years ago

    How about it’s just a natural shift in the earh’s natural environment. You know, the one I was taught in science classes that occurred millions of year ago that resulted in the natural environment we have known all our lives? We just happen to be alive when changes are starting to occur again.

  2. woowie commented on Garfield about 5 years ago

    I certainly have drank coffee like that! But, I’ll pass on nuclear coffee. How does coffee “galumph” anyway, Doctor Toon?

  3. woowie commented on Shoe about 5 years ago

    If I die of laughter that will certainly help my transition to a new life!

  4. woowie commented on Shoe over 5 years ago

    I would love to continue to work, I am now 57, but the young ones in the workforce do not want people my age around EVEN when we competently demonstate we are just as computer literate as they are as well as in many other skills. I was in health care and left 6years ago to do something else and it has been one big joke because everywhere else I have tired to work has been dominated by people in their early 20’s-30’s and I feel like some mutant. I am trying to go back into the health care field but because of physical limitations that I now have I will be limited. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned I need to retire now.How can you tell a group of people they have to continue to work yet they cannot find or stay at a job? I think we are going to see a REAL crisis in the next few years and that is going to be a outrageous number of older people who are homeless.

  5. woowie commented on Shoe over 5 years ago

    At least he brought her flowers.

  6. woowie commented on Stone Soup over 5 years ago

    Sounds alot like being a nurse which I am. And, there’s so many people unemployed-we certainly could use more of both!

  7. woowie commented on Garfield over 5 years ago

    OH so cute this strip today! I have a cat that is just like this! Only he doesn’t slap his feeding dish on my face. I call him Little Piglet. AND, I’m female. Maybe, that’s why so many women get “seduced” by cats-they don’t retaliate against US. HEEHEEHEE!

  8. woowie commented on Shoe over 5 years ago

    Birds of a feather flock together. What’s so strange about, “Her lawyer….”?

  9. woowie commented on Broom Hilda over 5 years ago

    I spent a 1/4 or more of my life smearing Clearasil all over myself. I’m surprised there’s any still around! And, NOW I have acne roseca. Life is just one big zit!

  10. woowie commented on Stone Soup over 5 years ago

    I agree with you vanpelt, but it ain’t gonna happen. I couldn’t do anything because I am a single female and I won’t be sexually active and “dump” babies onto this planet. Stupid, isn’t it? You aren’t allowed to participate in things like Earth Day unless you are engaging in activities that may destroy it.