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  1. rroop commented on Shoe 9 months ago

    I remember a cartoon where a little girl was yelling at a piper the caption read: HEY MISTER IF YOU STOP SQUEEZING THAT CAT MAYBE IT I’LL STOP HOWLING!

  2. rroop commented on Non Sequitur 12 months ago

    BOAT, Break Out Another Thousand

  3. rroop commented on The Boondocks almost 2 years ago

    it’s copyrighted 1999

  4. rroop commented on Bloom County almost 2 years ago

    what’s that in the road, a head?

  5. rroop commented on Marmaduke almost 2 years ago

    Our Saint loved to be vacuumed ! He would roll on his back when ever we took the hose vacuum out.

  6. rroop commented on Shoe about 2 years ago

    Blackadder the Third

  7. rroop commented on Marmaduke about 2 years ago

    or a Saint

  8. rroop commented on Shoe about 2 years ago

    Sounds like my congressman, I get a chance not to vote for him today!

  9. rroop commented on Marmaduke over 2 years ago

    If you can’t get satisfaction out of how your big dog sleeps then you shouldn’t have him!

  10. rroop commented on Herman over 2 years ago

    Should have stopped at forty-two