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  1. Manitobaman commented on Geech 14 days ago

    He does something with the truck from time to time. Never works out though, as he always loses it.

  2. Manitobaman commented on Calvin and Hobbes 14 days ago

    Hi, thanks for the tip about the Twilight Zone yesterday. I couldn’t find the complete episode but now that I know what it’s called, I will watch for it. Things seem to come and go on Youtube. Have a great day !

  3. Manitobaman commented on Calvin and Hobbes 15 days ago

    Do you recall what the episode was called? I would like to try to find it on Youtube.

  4. Manitobaman commented on Bloom County 19 days ago

    And good stuff it is, too.

  5. Manitobaman commented on The Argyle Sweater 19 days ago

    I had an Uncle named Dick. The books we learned to read from in school had a boy named Dick in them. Years ago Dick was a perfectly fine name for a boy. Now…not so much.

  6. Manitobaman commented on Geech 21 days ago

    I remember years ago Wendy’s sold hot dogs. They were really good , too. They stopped selling them for some reason.

  7. Manitobaman commented on FoxTrot Classics 23 days ago

    I remember those cartoons. I used to watch them at noon when I came home for lunch from school. ( a LONG time ago ) I remember the wizard was some bald guy with a big head. Hadn’t thought about those cartoons in many years.

  8. Manitobaman commented on Betty 24 days ago

    In Winnipeg I think it is something like $2.50 . Last time I took the bus was about 2 years ago and I didn’t know where they went or anything so I had to ask the driver. As my luck would have it I got the world’s grouchiest bus driver. Some people shouldn’t be working with the public. Mind you, they do have to put up with a lot.

  9. Manitobaman commented on Shirley and Son Classics 26 days ago

    I should try that with the next telemarketer that calls me. That should put a quick end to that call.

  10. Manitobaman commented on Geech 26 days ago

    And some brain bleach for me.