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  1. Manitobaman commented on Emmy Lou 3 days ago

    Find a good dry place to park it . You will be glad you kept it 50 years later.

  2. Manitobaman commented on Calvin and Hobbes 6 days ago

    You guys have good eyes. I never notice stuff like that.

  3. Manitobaman commented on Betty 18 days ago

    One of the worst is Ice Road Truckers. Very entertaining if one knows nothing about the trucking industry. I can’t even stand to watch it anymore. My favorite channel now is TCM.

  4. Manitobaman commented on Overboard 20 days ago

    Hear hear !!

  5. Manitobaman commented on Ballard Street 21 days ago

    If those are die cast scale models, She had BEST hold her purse tightly. Some of those go for hundreds of bucks each.

  6. Manitobaman commented on Pluggers 22 days ago

    I have old recorded stuff on VHS with the commercials. It’s hard to believe but some are almost 30 years old. The car commercials and such are actually interesting to watch now.

  7. Manitobaman commented on Pluggers 23 days ago

    Me too.

  8. Manitobaman commented on Geech 23 days ago

    You can dress him up but……

  9. Manitobaman commented on Calvin and Hobbes 27 days ago

    Gary Larson did a great Far Side comic years ago that dealt with a kid’s nighttime terrors. Something about a Father telling his kid upstairs to be good and get to sleep or he would summon the "floating head of death " which was a balloon with a scary face drawn on it he had rigged up downstairs tied to a string so he could let it rise to the kid’s window. I don’t describe it well but the cartoon was a classic.

  10. Manitobaman commented on Pluggers 28 days ago

    I couldn’t afford John Deere . I had to settle for Craftsman. Still better than walking and pushing.