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  1. r2varney commented on Signe Wilkinson about 5 hours ago

    Man, you find evil in Christianity every where you look don’t you.
    Evil.. no, hypocrisy.. absolutely.

  2. r2varney commented on Signe Wilkinson about 9 hours ago

    Ironically, though, the clergy largely wear black
    True, I wonder if that was to instill fear as well?

  3. r2varney commented on Mike Lester about 11 hours ago

    If you want to have an “honest conversation”, what the hell are Sharpton and Jackson doing there? Racial harmony would be incredibly bad for business for those two.

    Agreed.. and let us not forget to include all the media that takes pleasure in associating a black president with the problem. Like it is his fault the problem is not fixed or even exists.

  4. r2varney commented on Rob Rogers about 12 hours ago

    Doesn’t negate the racist policing. Doesn’t make police accountable when they are in the wrong.
    Well said. .
    The funerals of the recently slain NY police are going to be indicative of the problem the police have. Solidarity.. This is fine and noble when one of their own is shot in the line of duty. As “civilians” we honor this custom.. BUT it also means they protect their own.. right or wrong, and that, is where the problem lies.

  5. r2varney commented on Henry Payne about 12 hours ago

    I’ll stick with my Ford.
    I would have figured you for a Hummer kind of guy. Merry Christmas…
    And you are absolutely right about the total cost of electricity being more than that of gas..

  6. r2varney commented on Signe Wilkinson about 12 hours ago

    Let me ax sumtin, why dat pigeon be WHITE ?
    It is indicative of the very nature of racism. Christianity laid claim to to white being pure and good and black being evil and something to be afraid of.

  7. r2varney commented on Bob Gorrell about 12 hours ago

    Lots of luck with that considering what you have to work with.

  8. r2varney commented on Ken Catalino about 12 hours ago

    Seems that they are forgetting who they are working for. That “union” is displaying a lot of Mafia like tactics

  9. r2varney commented on Daddy's Home about 12 hours ago

    And a Happy whatever from Edmonton Alberta as well to all

  10. r2varney commented on Ben about 12 hours ago

    Good luck with that if he is anything like my dog. And a Merry Christmas to all Ben’s fans