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  1. r2varney commented on Steve Benson 1 day ago

    Here’s a thought. Build a pipeline across Canada to the Pacific Ocean. Ship the dirty oil to Asia and let them clean it up. I mean, if you don’t care about how messy it makes the environment because, you know, God.
    We want to do that..trouble is we have Indians to deal with same as you.

  2. r2varney commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    There is little to no benefit to the US.. Now the oil companies is a totally different story.
    And we are refining our own…. and there is a lot of support in Alberta to only sell a finished product, keeping our profits higher and employing our own people.
    But.. if we (in Alberta) process all the dirty oil “we” get blamed for polluting the world.. while everyone else gets clean energy. So there is some validity to sharing the dirt so to speak

  3. r2varney commented on Steve Breen 1 day ago

    All about ratings.. who can make the pig squeal. Such an honorable profession, makes you proud does it not?

  4. r2varney commented on Steve Benson 1 day ago

    That is the only reason to build it.

  5. r2varney commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    Because once again Barry doesn’t give a crap what the American people want.
    Is it what the American people want?.. Or what the conservative tell them they want. Do the American people even know what it does.. what it serves.. who benefits.. and who does not?

  6. r2varney commented on The Flying McCoys 1 day ago

    Is it not about time the “this is how a seat belt works” routine be cancelled. By now.. anyone who has not used a seat belt will not learn with a 60 second lesson.

  7. r2varney commented on Mike Lester 2 days ago

    Actually was it not congress that “voted” and approved it.. So why should the American People be blamed and accused of being stupid. Do they not elect NON stupid people to represent them?

  8. r2varney commented on Jeff Stahler 2 days ago

    But.. like the “gun” problem little will be done to curb it.

  9. r2varney commented on Jerry Holbert 2 days ago

    What a man (woman) will not say to get in front of a camera for a moment of fame.

  10. r2varney commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    Outrage at misleading the public… in an effort to provide something sorely needed. On the other hand the misleading of the public regarding the recent wars.. well there was a lot of money to be made by those that bought the politicians so…….. that time did not count. Hypocrisy?