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  1. r2varney commented on Michael Ramirez about 11 hours ago

    As long as the president is in the “other” party.. and can be blamed for whatever he does..either or, it don’t matter. Attaching blame is what the game is. Rationality be damned.

  2. r2varney commented on Joel Pett about 11 hours ago

    No…some of a different group that was kidnapped did. Fox News is no longer indignant about it. And, as the only source news you know…………

  3. r2varney commented on Jeff Danziger about 13 hours ago

    I have not yet heard anywhere as to what exactly the troops will be tasked to DO. Beyond putting on a good show, that is.

    Anyone know? Shooting the kids?
    Evidently shooting is not allowed but nothing says they can not stand in the mud with a stick and hold those suckers under till they drown.

  4. r2varney commented on Nick Anderson about 14 hours ago

    That feature needs to be implanted in a number of Republicans. McCain comes to mind followed by his side kick Palin

  5. r2varney commented on Jen Sorensen about 14 hours ago

    The best evidence against Russia is the resignation of a reporter hired to help write the case for the Russian defence. She said the truth of Russia’s guilt was obvious, and she could not continue to help produce the stories that tried to deny it.
    Who would have guessed that there are honorable people in Russia? A characteristic not evident at Fox News.

  6. r2varney commented on Rob Rogers 2 days ago

    We should’ve been supporting Ukraine months ago with logistical and intelligence support. We definitely should’ve done something to make sure the crash scene was secured after a commercial airline was shot down..
    And you think for a moment that the US is NOT? The West, including the US has supported Kiev since the rebellion that started this mess.
    You are quick to accuse Russia of supporting the rebels (their own countrymen by the way) and choose to ignore the same support given the Ukraine.. Hypocritical or ignorance.. your choice.

  7. r2varney commented on Scott Stantis 2 days ago

    Just standing up for peace is far too trying for Americans to attempt.
    Yes, for the Americans peace is only possible through force, and if it doesn’t happen in 48 hours you obviously have not used enough force.. Bigger bombs, always the solution.

  8. r2varney commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    Wave the magic wand and wish for peace real hard. Apparently some believe that.
    And, apparently there are some that think they can create peace with force. Take a history lesson or two.. never happens!

  9. r2varney commented on Rob Rogers 3 days ago

    With typical American response.. there is an opportunity to sell arms after all.. “more guns will fix this problem.”

  10. r2varney commented on Scott Stantis 3 days ago

    One is sponsored by “friends” so anything they do is fine.. the other is sponsored by our sworn enemy.
    What is not being talked about is what led to this conflict to begin with.. Overthrowing an elected government.. sponsored by the West and the US.. so “blame” needs to be properly distributed.