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  1. JR6019 commented on Get Fuzzy 8 days ago

    Actually, wherefore in the R and J context means ‘Why’. She’s asking why he’s Romeo which makes him a Montegue and an enemy of her family.

  2. JR6019 commented on Wrong Hands 10 days ago

    I like bran flakes. Two packets of Splenda, very tasty.

  3. JR6019 commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 10 days ago

    Pee-pee of steel!

  4. JR6019 commented on JumpStart 10 days ago

    How about Hankey Pankey by Tommy James and the Shondells?

  5. JR6019 commented on W.T. Duck 11 days ago

    If only, if only.

  6. JR6019 commented on Off the Mark 11 days ago

    It’s Jake from State Farm.

  7. JR6019 commented on The Quixote Syndrome 17 days ago

    They have a point.

  8. JR6019 commented on The Fusco Brothers 20 days ago

    Is it sad that I know that quote from the movie What’s Up,Doc
    with Barbra Streisand, Ryan O’Neil and Madelyn Kahn?

  9. JR6019 commented on Brewster Rockit 20 days ago

    Carmen-Miranda Rights? The right to wear a tutti-frutti hat? Am I the only one who is familiar with Carmen Miranda?

  10. JR6019 commented on The Quixote Syndrome 24 days ago

    Do we know for a fact that it was Swiss cheese or was that just creative license from the artist. The fate of the 21st century may rest upon this answer! But probably not.