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  1. lcs256 commented on That New Carl Smell over 1 year ago

    been gone a long time, carl. have been missed

  2. lcs256 commented on Pearls Before Swine almost 2 years ago

    TPB is on netflix. also several of their specials. hilarious stuff

  3. lcs256 commented on The Academia Waltz almost 2 years ago

    i’ve heard of cow tipping but this is a whole ’nother ball park

  4. lcs256 commented on MythTickle about 2 years ago

    they could char-broil themselves for you

  5. lcs256 commented on Get Fuzzy about 2 years ago

    no need to ‘flip’ out, grydwrd

  6. lcs256 commented on Prickly City about 2 years ago

    i figured he was channelling Wile E. Coyote and planned to catch the Roadrunner

  7. lcs256 commented on One Big Happy about 2 years ago

    reminds me of the time i was working at a store. this guy came in with a cap that said, “If you ain’t country, you ain’t s**t”. so i asked him if that meant that if you are country, you are.

  8. lcs256 commented on Strange Brew about 2 years ago

    he sniffs your butt or humps your leg?

  9. lcs256 commented on Get Fuzzy over 3 years ago

    it’s not a book. it’s a notebook. he’s going to write down their movements. sort of a crappy subject though

  10. lcs256 commented on Get Fuzzy over 3 years ago

    USA, do you put cheez whiz on your cereal?