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  1. Caretaker245 commented on Mom's Cancer 8 months ago

    I’ve had several MRI’s where it was broken into two phases, non-contrast then contrast.

  2. Caretaker245 commented on Gray Matters over 1 year ago

    Nursing is just as under appreciated as teaching. I know how she feels.

  3. Caretaker245 commented on Lost Sheep about 2 years ago

    Know idea?

  4. Caretaker245 commented on U.S. Acres over 3 years ago

    I believe you mean Jawohl… ya got it close phonetically though!

  5. Caretaker245 commented on Frazz almost 4 years ago

    Oops, sorry for the repetition.

  6. Caretaker245 commented on Frazz almost 4 years ago

    actually… you’re mistaken. School in Japan is in session for 60 more days per year than here in the States. Also, in Korea, the amount of instructional time per school year is greater than in the States.

  7. Caretaker245 commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    Why is it that people, in general, assume that someone with physical strength is immune to being bullied? Bullying is just as much mental as physical… and the mental and emotional damage is usually far far worse.

  8. Caretaker245 commented on Gray Matters about 4 years ago

    they’ve got to have something somewhere… there’s clips of it all over YouTube

  9. Caretaker245 commented on Gray Matters about 4 years ago

    I sometimes refer to my workplace as “romper room on crack”
    chaos and bedlam abound!!!

  10. Caretaker245 commented on Heart of the City about 6 years ago

    Ron, people remember but unfortunately we are losing our WWII vets at a faster and faster rate as time goes by. My 9 year old nephew and I are going to the D-Day memorial later this morning for the rememberances. For anyone who’s never seen the memorial… it’s awe inspiring to say the least. God bless our troops past, present, and future. Freedom is NOT free.