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  1. jeffsxq commented on Off the Mark 26 days ago

    If I could choose, I’d dress like the guy with the hat and tux — much better protected from sunburn and dehydration.

  2. jeffsxq commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    And Ziggy and Zits…

  3. jeffsxq commented on Off the Mark 10 months ago

    Except the Trojan horse only carried one soldier, who sneaked out later and opened the gates for the rest of the army….

  4. jeffsxq commented on Garfield 10 months ago

    The stripe on his tail?

  5. jeffsxq commented on Garfield 10 months ago

    Sounded kind of dirty, but maybe that’s just me…

  6. jeffsxq commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 months ago

    50 times? In the US, it cost 29 cents in 1993, 46 cents now (actually cheaper now when adjusted for inflation), and almost everywhere in the 48 states takes 3 days (5 max).

  7. jeffsxq commented on Get Fuzzy 11 months ago

    Every sandwich at Subway is completely customized from the bread on up, what’s your problem? Bucky’s comment was silly and funny, though confusing to Satch; yours was just self-centered, violent and psycho.

  8. jeffsxq commented on Rose is Rose 12 months ago

    I’d scrape off the top of the scoop and put it back on the cone, leaving the part touching the ground for the scavengers.

  9. jeffsxq commented on Aunty Acid about 1 year ago

    Yeah, I liked the movie a lot. It had a good heart.

  10. jeffsxq commented on Off the Mark about 1 year ago

    Penguins fly — they just do it under water, fast and graceful as any bird in the sky!