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  1. jeffsxq commented on Working Daze 4 months ago

    Chris looks like a collie?

  2. jeffsxq commented on Rose is Rose 6 months ago

    I don’t know where your “around here” is, but ice cream trucks are still around, though maybe not as many as years ago. I just saw (and heard) one last week by Aquila Park in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

  3. jeffsxq commented on Working Daze 6 months ago

    Yes, I’ve followed the Perseids for decades, and they are always referred to as “meteor” showers, not asteroid.

  4. jeffsxq commented on Working Daze 6 months ago

    Sorry, but I actually liked “The Wedding Singer” and “Happy Gilmore”

  5. jeffsxq commented on Working Daze 7 months ago

    Also, the term “deuce” seems to come from French, but the French use the term “egalité” (equality) instead.
    Yes, I meant zéro. which I can now insert by copying and pasting from your post, like I did for l’œuf yesterday, still not knowing how to create the special characters.

  6. jeffsxq commented on Working Daze 7 months ago

    Except the French use neither “l’œuf” nor “love” in scoring tennis. They say zero (zay-ro, I don’t know how to put the accent on the e).

  7. jeffsxq commented on Working Daze 8 months ago

    Polyp removal is not an operation?
    Why quibble about terminology, anyway?

  8. jeffsxq commented on Close to Home 10 months ago

    Sunshine on my shoulders gives me sunburn.
    Sunshine in my eyes can make me squint.
    Sunshine on the water gives me headaches.
    Sunshine almost always makes me sweat.

  9. jeffsxq commented on Garfield 10 months ago

    Garfield makes fun of dogs. Deal with that.

  10. jeffsxq commented on The Argyle Sweater 10 months ago

    Sure, if you just look at one point, but add all 3 together and they all come out the same at 180.