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  1. androgenoide commented on Frazz 4 days ago

    Or he could be a writer for TV commercials… the requirements are very similar. You just have to make a factually correct statement in such a way as to make the listener jump to a false conclusion.

  2. androgenoide commented on Frazz 12 days ago

    I’ve seen an English learner trying to process the phrase ‘pretty ugly’.
    Of course some of our spelling inconsistencies are directly traceable to using five written vowels to represent 10-12 spoken vowels but most of those can be dealt with…

  3. androgenoide commented on Frazz 12 days ago

    And yet… English seems to have a certain amount of stealth gender… Men are not generally spoken of as “pretty” without impugning their masculinity. I was told once that the word ‘hunk’ is the masculine equivalent of ‘piece’ (and I’m still not sure how to process that)…

  4. androgenoide commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 16 days ago

    There seems to be a general policy that a business that serves the public has to serve all of it. You can’t turn away a customer or potential employee because of their race or religion.
    Perhaps Hobby Lobby needs to reorganize as a church or religious non-profit rather than as a corporation. Churches can restrict membership to those who agree with the tenets of the faith without being seen as discriminatory. Religious non-profits can only discriminate up to a certain point, however. They may not be able to discriminate by refusing to hire outside of their faith but the courts have decided that they can withhold this particular benefit from employees who do not share their faith.

  5. androgenoide commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 16 days ago

    I think a better analogy would be to a kosher butcher who doesn’t want to pay overtime to an assistant who has to work on Christmas.
    He may have a point. Maybe Christmas shouldn’t be a national holiday just because so many people celebrate it. Maybe our national laws should be carefully studied for possible religious bias before being enacted. Maybe birth control itself should not be a part of the standard health care package but we have to draw the line somewhere and common sense suggests that a health care package should include more than just prayer.

  6. androgenoide commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 16 days ago

    The owners of the corporation have a belief that is shared by only a small number of their employees. The fact that they would like to deprive all of their employees of equal protection on that basis suggests to me that they are asking that their own religion be given preferential status… and THAT strikes me as being a violation of the establishment clause.

  7. androgenoide commented on Pearls Before Swine 19 days ago

    A little insecurity is to be expected. People are constantly assuming that creationists are stupid and/or uneducated. These discussions might be more productive if we simply called them ‘wrong’ without getting all personal about it.

  8. androgenoide commented on The Knight Life about 1 month ago

    This isn’t really an “either/or” situation. In fact, I have to wonder if banning the disposable bags will actually do anything other making people feel good. Now if someone had come up with a biodegradable bag…

  9. androgenoide commented on The Knight Life about 1 month ago

    My family has repurposed shopping bags into garbage bags for years. I don’t mind having to carry non-disposable bags to do the shopping but now we have to buy actual garbage bags. The standard size garbage bags are a bit larger and somewhat heavier material than the shopping bags were so the net result, for us, at least, has been a net increase in the amount of plastic going into the landfill.

  10. androgenoide commented on Tom the Dancing Bug about 1 month ago

    Creating the impression that a controversy exists… It’s a technique that has always worked well for trial lawyers. All the defense has to do is to convince 12 people to momentarily suspend their common sense.