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  1. androgenoide commented on WuMo 4 days ago

    License and insurance please…

  2. androgenoide commented on Frazz 4 days ago

    Adults certainly seem to forget quite a bit after a few years. It would be interesting to have a handful of adults retested at their last grade level after 10 years…

  3. androgenoide commented on Candorville 9 days ago

    Or better yet, a variety of news sources…preferably from several different countries and political positions.

    Cogito Eggo Sum ( I think I am a toaster waffle)

  4. androgenoide commented on Candorville 12 days ago

    I would have to say that Trump has the racist vote in the bag.
    Racism is not the only reason a person might vote for Trump, though. There plenty of people who are simply fed up with the system and would like to see it all crash and burn. Those people would be crazy to vote for Clinton. She is the closest thing to a conservative in the race. She has her entire life tied up in maintaining the system as it is.
    Trump is a loose cannon who has no idea how the system works and would have an excellent chance of bringing it all crashing down. He would be an excellent choice for the angry voter, racist or not.

  5. androgenoide commented on Candorville 12 days ago

    If I may treat that question as a serious one… It’s not usually an automatic response. Some Leftists will accuse some Rightists of racism and sometimes they will be right. Most Republicans are not racists but most (not all) racists are Republicans. It makes it difficult for a Republican to call out a fellow party member even for obviously racist remarks. As I see it, our only hope for a consistently meaningful dialog would be for all of us to identify as Americans first and party members second…. and I don’t see that happening in the near future.

  6. androgenoide commented on Speed Bump 13 days ago

    Or maybe Night Gallery?

  7. androgenoide commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 15 days ago

    The more income inequality grows, the more the U.S. looks like Mexico.

  8. androgenoide commented on Bad Reporter 15 days ago

    Back when the Republican party was the radical left, of course.

  9. androgenoide commented on Herman 17 days ago

    Remember the Frank and Earnest one where he pulls the square root of -1?

  10. androgenoide commented on Pearls Before Swine 19 days ago

    While true as stated, the statistic is misleading. For most of those coaches, the salary paid by the state is a relatively small part of the total salary.
    On the other hand, the argument that the high salaries are justified may also be spurious. Sporting activities do generate a lot of income but they also involve significant expenses… schools often sidestep the question of net profits here by arguing that the prestige of their team encourages alumni donations. I’d like to see a fair test of that hypothesis.