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  1. androgenoide commented on Candorville 27 minutes ago

    There are lots of true stories that are bad art.

  2. androgenoide commented on Reality Check about 1 hour ago

    …..or just break some of the rules…

  3. androgenoide commented on WuMo 3 days ago

    And invest the money in some Alaskan farmland.

  4. androgenoide commented on Speed Bump 9 days ago

    As nearly as I can tell from Google’s ngram viewer, the single word form became more commonly used starting in the late 70’s.

  5. androgenoide commented on Strange Brew 12 days ago

    I’m not crazy about the idea of reading contemporary politics into every cartoon but…
    I have to disagree. In spite of the character’s superficial resemblance to Ted “Zodiac Killer” Cruz, the message of patience in the face of a visible threat is more of a left wing thing. The right wing is very good at perceiving threats even where none exists.

  6. androgenoide commented on Candorville 12 days ago

    A hobo convention?

  7. androgenoide commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 12 days ago

    A post modernist bot wouldn’t need a lot of processing power.

  8. androgenoide commented on Bad Machinery 12 days ago

    I bet it’s only available in Tackleford.

  9. androgenoide commented on Frog Applause 14 days ago

    I have to disagree. A spoonrest does not make a house as warm as a bit of methane gas and a zippo.

  10. androgenoide commented on Candorville 16 days ago

    Both true… it’s a “chicken or egg” sort of question. Our ancestors paid for the infrastructure that allows us to prosper and pay for the infrastructure of the future… You want the government to leave you enough so that you can get ahead but you want them to take enough to provide basic services. The difference between a liberal and a libertarian lies in trying to define the word “basic”. Ron Paul said that the government wasn’t authorized to build and maintain the interstate highway system (an extreme libertarian point of view) but I think most people would agree that it has made all of us a little richer.