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  1. androgenoide commented on Frank & Ernest 6 days ago

    High definition too!

  2. androgenoide commented on Speed Bump 6 days ago

    Everybody wants a fair tax… nobody can agree on what’s fair.

  3. androgenoide commented on Candorville 12 days ago

    when that doesn’t work just start to give long-winded rambling explanations that you know the voice recognition system can’t handle. It will pass you to a human after a couple tries.

  4. androgenoide commented on Candorville 16 days ago

    All of them are allies…after a fashion. Thousands of Homeland Security jobs depend on having a continuing supply of terrorists. Splinter groups like ISIS that were created by the invasion of Iraq are a real boost to that sector of the bureaucracy.

  5. androgenoide commented on FoxTrot 19 days ago

    I wouldn’t claim to know the truth, let alone the details but… I do understand that even a simple device like a telephone was composed of a number of individual pieces, each of which had been invented many times by many different people… Even in the 19th century there were competing designs for microphones and earpieces. Putting them together with the hybrid coils, batteries, signaling devices and other inventions was what made it an invention in its own right. Bell got the U.S. patent and may have been the very first to put together a working unit but there were other designs out there and, even if he had not existed, the telephone would have been invented at about the same time.

  6. androgenoide commented on FoxTrot 19 days ago

    The way I heard it… Bells’s device was less complete and there were allegations of having bribed a clerk to change the application date but, in the end, he had the better lawyer and that’s what counts.

  7. androgenoide commented on Savage Chickens 24 days ago

    Shouldn’t lose track of the fact that Superman is not human. In spite of his resemblance to a man, he’s actually an alien from another planet. Who knows if that’s really hair anyway?

  8. androgenoide commented on Unstrange Phenomena 24 days ago

    Not unlikely. Although I’m reminded of the Candorville character C-Dog who said he would vote for Trump just to see a president assassinated.

  9. androgenoide commented on Candorville 25 days ago

    When they ask whether you want the machine or the pat-down it’s a trick question. Sometimes you get both.

  10. androgenoide commented on Unstrange Phenomena 25 days ago

    I predict that the next president will be unpopular with a large segment of the population.