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  1. MPeet611 commented on Peanuts Begins about 1 month ago

    Thanks for posting a readable color version of this strip. You should tell whoever messed up the color how to do there job correctly.

  2. MPeet611 commented on Garfield Classics 2 months ago

    The originals were made in color because i just looked at the original on here and there all in color. Take a look for yourself http://www.gocomics.com/garfield/1978/06/19

  3. MPeet611 commented on Luann Againn 4 months ago

    Me Too. LOL

  4. MPeet611 commented on Luann Againn 5 months ago

    Brad you seriously can’t wait a couple of seconds to get your food out of the fridge. Oh Brother. LOL

  5. MPeet611 commented on Luann Againn 5 months ago

    If luann does get kicked out of the house she can live with brad in the condo he just purchased.

  6. MPeet611 commented on Garfield 5 months ago

    The cat in the youtube video jon saw probably was garfield. I guess he doesn’t know how to use the door knob.

  7. MPeet611 commented on Breaking Cat News 7 months ago

    I translated what the spanish cats said. The first cat is saying It’s a flower. The second cat says no it’s not a flower.

  8. MPeet611 commented on Luann Againn 7 months ago

    (Sigh) “Brad one of your stupid friends is on the phone.”

  9. MPeet611 commented on Garfield 7 months ago

    Could be worse… years ago when me & my brother was still living together we had a little kitten who was afraid to go downstairs all by herself to use the litter box & when she couldn’t get my brother to wake up she had an accident on his bed sheets while he was sleeping in the same bed. When he woke up in the morning he was not happy.

  10. MPeet611 commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 8 months ago

    I was gonna have chicken for dinner tonight but after seeing this… nope not gonna happen.