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  1. MPeet611 commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    I don’t think Santa will put Garfield on his naughty list because lots of people kill spiders & there still on his good list. The only reason why Garfield let the spider live is so he can tell all the other spiders to leave garfield alone or join Larry in the hospital.

  2. MPeet611 commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 5 days ago

    Apparently Jon never thinks about anything because his head hurts from never being used.

  3. MPeet611 commented on Breaking Cat News 7 days ago

    Puck’s ready for the big move. Just let him fall asleep in the box with the towels first.

  4. MPeet611 commented on Breaking Cat News 7 days ago

    Yesterday when i finally had time to set up the christmas tree i had to rearrange some of the furniture in that room & my cat got so mad that she refused to sleep with me like she normally does.

  5. MPeet611 commented on Peanuts Holiday Countdown 13 days ago

    Lucy should join this family for christmas, oh wait a minute they cancelled christmas because there kids act just like lucy.

  6. MPeet611 commented on Peanuts 13 days ago

    Linus probably told Lucy about Snoopy going to Grenoble but he probably forgot on purpose to tell her he’s sponsoring him.

  7. MPeet611 commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 14 days ago

    Somebody Please destroy that accordion before we have to listen to it’s terrible sound.

  8. MPeet611 commented on Pickles 14 days ago

    @Vegas Viper
    “My cat fell in trying to drink out of the toilet…so I just flushed…”

    That’s a mean thing to do to your cat but at the same time it’s very funny.

  9. MPeet611 commented on Peanuts 14 days ago

    I’m sure snoopy has a bathroom in his dog house.

  10. MPeet611 commented on Pickles 16 days ago

    “Just take her to the fabric store, then the shoe store, and the handbag store, then………..”

    Then give her money for the bus & drive home as fast as you can without her.