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  1. Anweir88 commented on Chip Bok 1 day ago

    And what party was FDR a member of?

  2. Anweir88 commented on Mike Lester 2 days ago

    Yeah, because blocking one Democrat bill is WAAAAY worse than blocking hundreds of bills, many of which were bipartisan.

  3. Anweir88 commented on Steve Breen 2 days ago

    Check your dictionary. Bigot does not mean “Someone who holds an opinion that varies from mine.”

  4. Anweir88 commented on Gary Varvel 2 days ago

    And insinuations of racism too. Nice.

  5. Anweir88 commented on Gary Varvel 2 days ago

    Bu it’s perfectly OK for you to call Republicans Nazi’s, something you do on here just about every day. Got it. Double standard as usual.

  6. Anweir88 commented on Gray Matters 2 days ago

    Here’s a hint… you don’t generally see Republicans being antisocial enough to insert political insults in the discussion thread for a non-political cartoon.

  7. Anweir88 commented on Scott Stantis 3 days ago

    So, when the Dems controlled the Presidency and both houses of Congress, why didn’t you?

    I’m a fairly conservative Republican and I’ve got no problem with going after the demand as well as the supply.

  8. Anweir88 commented on Scott Stantis 3 days ago

    I’m Republican and I’m all for going after businesses that hire illegals. Hiring them is illegal as well, is it not?

    Go find another strawman to beat on.

  9. Anweir88 commented on Prickly City 4 days ago

    …and there’s no one there to raise them…

  10. Anweir88 commented on Robert Ariail 7 days ago

    You are assuming that Internet content will be controlled and limited by someone.

    “…content on the Internet WILL be selected, and SOMEONE will decide what you may and may not see”

    You then make a claim that it’s better for the government to do that than for private companies to do so. My point is that there SHOULD be a third alternative…. no one. THAT’s true net neutrality.