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  1. Anweir88 commented on Francis 3 days ago

    I liked this toon when it first started, but this is the last leftist anti-church straw. I’m gone.

  2. Anweir88 commented on Prickly City 19 days ago

    Tea bagger, as has been explained here repeatedly is a sex act used as a slur by the left for conservative Tea party members.

  3. Anweir88 commented on Zachary Nixon Johnson 20 days ago

    Sorry to hear it. I really enjoyed your comic.

  4. Anweir88 commented on Prickly City 20 days ago

    And yet, common sanse, you can’t even make a simple post like your last one without indulging in a slur.

  5. Anweir88 commented on Robert Ariail about 1 month ago

    Interesting. All the anti-Semitic hateful comments are coming from the oh so tolerant left here. Why am I not surprised?

  6. Anweir88 commented on Mike Lester 2 months ago

    Rad-ish: How can there be a leader in a “spontaneous uprising triggered by a Youtube video?” Oh, sorry, didn’t get the note that the talking points had been changed. We’ve always been at war with Eastasia…

  7. Anweir88 commented on The Other Coast 3 months ago

    @Lynne B. You might start by fact checking yourself. The link you provide does not support your statement. Per your own link if EVERY bit of ice on land melts and runs into the ocean, sea levels rise by 216 feet. If that’s correct, then where, pray tell, did your remaining 284 feet of sea water come from in the “distant past?”

    Math – use it!

  8. Anweir88 commented on FoxTrot Classics 4 months ago

    Funny, Night-Gaunt49, I seem to remember being trained on the laws of war, including legal and illegal combatants, all the way back in the 80’s. Just because YOU weren’t aware of it doesn’t mean it wasn’t in common use by those who needed to know about it.

    But I’m one of those “evil baby killing military types” you rant about, so what do I know?

    BTW, have you ever actually spoken with an Iraqi, or just read your assigned talking points? The ones I worked with last year (in Iraq, no less…) have some serious complaints about how we handled the invasion, but they still preferred us to Saddam.

  9. Anweir88 commented on Robert Ariail 5 months ago

    “As reported by Rachel Maddow…” Now there’s a statement to lend an air of credibility… Not! I think I’ll believe my own memory of the events after 9/11, thank you very much, not her redacted ones.

  10. Anweir88 commented on Mike Lester 5 months ago

    @Robert Lander. What color is the sky in your world? It’s obviously not blue or do you honestly not remember the left hanging Bush in effigy and the endless Chimpy McHitler jokes?