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  1. Anweir88 commented on Santa vs. Dracula 9 days ago

    I expect that it’s Krampus, the Nordic stick to go with Santa’s carrot.

    “Be good little children or Krampus will get you!”


  2. Anweir88 commented on The Argyle Sweater 12 days ago

    I loved Pocari Sweat when I was stationed in Misawa. I wish we could get it over here.

  3. Anweir88 commented on Lisa Benson 13 days ago

    @dtroutma I guess that it would surprise you then that the Minister of Defense in Iraq is Sunni and he’s been in office for years? While I would have purged far fewer low level Baathists, Sunnis were quite demonstratively NOT all purged.

  4. Anweir88 commented on Ken Catalino 14 days ago

    @old1953 Really? I just finished a year-long deployment in Baghdad last summer and saw lots of Iraqi women, including women engineers in the Ministry of Defense and one women Cabinet member. No one was wearing a Burka. Some wore the hijab, or head scarf, and some wore purely western clothes. The burka is a clear sign of zealotry in Islam.

  5. Anweir88 commented on Robert Ariail 20 days ago

    During my last deployment to Iraq 2012-2013, I heard one thing over and over from the Iraqis I worked with: “When we asked you to leave, we didn’t think you’d really do it!” Usually followed by, “We’re not really ready yet!”

  6. Anweir88 commented on Francis about 1 month ago

    I liked this toon when it first started, but this is the last leftist anti-church straw. I’m gone.

  7. Anweir88 commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    Tea bagger, as has been explained here repeatedly is a sex act used as a slur by the left for conservative Tea party members.

  8. Anweir88 commented on Zachary Nixon Johnson about 1 month ago

    Sorry to hear it. I really enjoyed your comic.

  9. Anweir88 commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    And yet, common sanse, you can’t even make a simple post like your last one without indulging in a slur.

  10. Anweir88 commented on Robert Ariail 2 months ago

    Interesting. All the anti-Semitic hateful comments are coming from the oh so tolerant left here. Why am I not surprised?