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  1. Anweir88 commented on Prickly City 1 day ago

    “Trump is just a stalking horse for Hillary. Note that he criticizes saintly, harmless Ben Carson, mostly with false allegations, and has yet to affirm a truthful charge against any democrat. All of his programs are big-spending budget-busters, and the only substantial policy statement he made was an affirmation of Kelo. Hillary vs Trump would just be a repeat of Hillary vs Sanders.”

  2. Anweir88 commented on Jerry Holbert 10 days ago

    More personal attacks rather than discussion of ideas. how sterotypically leftist.

  3. Anweir88 commented on Clay Jones 13 days ago

    And here we see the loving tolerant liberal at play….making unprovoked personal attacks against anyone who deviates from his accepted party line.

  4. Anweir88 commented on Henry Payne 16 days ago

    Yawn. Oooh, you disagree with someone so they’re a troll.
    Who is really trolling the right wing toonist pages, the right-leaning folks, or the far leftwing guys like you who haunt every toon, every day complaining?

  5. Anweir88 commented on Jerry Holbert 16 days ago

    I’m sure that the French agree with you that Trump is a bigger threat than Isis….

  6. Anweir88 commented on Clay Bennett 16 days ago

    Just a handful of professional troublemakers and a huge heaping of leftists painting it as some massive movement.

  7. Anweir88 commented on Steve Breen 17 days ago

    My 25 years on active duty disagree.
    I think I know when and what sort of pay raises and benefits packages I got. But by all means keep up the deception. And you guys on the left wonder why military members tend to vote Republican…

  8. Anweir88 commented on Glenn McCoy 17 days ago

    Then how did you type that?
    (I kid, but video tape shows that you are wrong, or do you think the vast right wing conspiracy is faking all the footage from the occupy Movement writ large?)

  9. Anweir88 commented on Scott Stantis 18 days ago

    My great uncle was a submariner in WWI. My father and both his brothers served in Vietnam (2 retired as Colonels, one was KIA). I served in Iraq (and also retired as a Colonel.)
    For all of you making political hay out of what should be a unifying toon, you’re disgraceful. On this day, of all days, we should stand together.

  10. Anweir88 commented on Cleats 19 days ago

    Surely this is a regular occurrence, what with the toy airgun industry doing $73M a year in business. (http://www.ibisworld.com/industry/air-gun-airsoft-gun-manufacturing.html?partnerid=prweb)

    What, it’s so rare that it makes the news when it happens? Why, it’s almost as if this was just a hack cartoonist trying to make a political point in a non-political toon.