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  1. Anweir88 commented on Jerry Holbert about 11 hours ago

    “Wikileaks is as bad as everyone else. They should be releasing Trump’s tax return but I guess they are basically conservatives.”
    It’s amazing how the left’s darling Wikileaks suddenly and without warning turned “conservative”….
    Not so much fun when it’s YOUR ox being gored, is it Ted?

  2. Anweir88 commented on Henry Payne 3 days ago

    And yet you come back here day after day after day. Masochism, or a Soros/Clinton Foundation paycheck?

  3. Anweir88 commented on Henry Payne 17 days ago

    You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I support Trump. The fact that he’s as anti-free speech as you on the left does not give you a free pass.

    And no, the term hate speech has been used repeatedly by the left to include things that meet NONE of your criteria. See how anyone who criticizes President Obama is immediately branded a racist by the left. Disagree with ObamaCare… racist. Don’t like his handling of the Iranian nuclear negotiations… racist. Ad infinitum ad nausem.
    The term “hate Speech” has become the left’s way of saying “Shut up!”

  4. Anweir88 commented on Henry Payne 17 days ago

    The truth doesn’t matter much to Hillary’s bootlickers.

    There, I fixed that for you.

  5. Anweir88 commented on Mike Lester 17 days ago

    Why not vote for a candidate that doesn’t “short circuit” at all. There’s more than just TrumpClinton out there.

  6. Anweir88 commented on Mike Lester 17 days ago

    For me to “admit” it, I would have to be incorrect. It’s well established that the left wing base in this country pines for a British style gun ban. They’re not strong or numerous enough make it happen, but that doesn’t stop the paeans from the captive press about how much better it would be.
    If you are denying that, then either you are lying, or you are deluded.

  7. Anweir88 commented on Prickly City 17 days ago

    Still better than either of the major party tickets.

  8. Anweir88 commented on Henry Payne 19 days ago

    Sure… and when folks on the right even approach doing anything similar… it’s “hate speech” that must be banned immediately!
    “Free speech for me and none for thee!” It’s the Democratic way.

  9. Anweir88 commented on Mike Lester 20 days ago

    But at least he’s being honest about it. A large percentage of the left’s base feels the same way. They just won’t admit it.

  10. Anweir88 commented on Mike Lester 20 days ago

    And there’s your problem… there’s more than just two people in this race.