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  1. ggunsch commented on Pat Oliphant over 6 years ago

    So the naive junior senator from Illinois is getting a big dose of reality, as are the millions of equally-naive Americans who fell for the vacuous campaign of “Hope and Change.” Just how IS that working out for them all?

  2. ggunsch commented on Pat Oliphant over 6 years ago

    SpicyNacho: You are right! We were very lucky the bomber was incompetent. This easily could have been very bad.

    Wildcard24365: I’ll accept your critique. Maybe the cartoon could have been done without any hint of racial profiling. But I will stand my ground and re-assert that this was not the intent. The intent was to bring much-needed attention to the defenders, not the offenders.

    Thanks, legacyshooter and dtroutma for reminding everyone that we all need to be vigilant and speak up when things don’t seem right. Don’t be a marshmallow and let “someone else” do it. Defend your family and community. That is more than your right; it is your obligation.

  3. ggunsch commented on Pat Oliphant over 6 years ago

    And before any of you jump in again playing the “racial profile” card, let me ask: Just how would YOU depict the criminal element in this editorial? Black? Hispanic? Hirsute? Neo-Nazi? Any face you put on the lurker is going to offend someone. But again I remind you, that isn’t the point of the editorial. Focus on the guy in the middle. And then apologize for being so petty.

  4. ggunsch commented on Pat Oliphant over 6 years ago

    Come on people! Stop ragging. Appreciate this editorial for what it is: it honors the strong, able, vigilant NY police force standing as the first line of defense between the busy NY populace and any lurking sleezeball trying to do harm. This isn’t about profiling. It’s not about politics. It’s simply about honoring those who “Protect and Serve”.

    Take the time today to thank a cop or soldier for doing what he/she does so you can go about doing what you do a little safer.