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  1. doreet commented on Pat Oliphant over 6 years ago

    The Truth is,The New York Times is not part of the United States;its a SEPARATE COUNTRY, A MONARCHY RULED BY URBAN WITS. Those urban wits are all better than us,more eudcated,more intelligent,and more “sophisticated”in the ways of the world.Meaning,they wear lots of black,and expensive designer suits.(I like Armanit)

    Uh,meaning, they real books a lot;and they do not have a tv. They never go out of NY,and they’ve decided that only 2 whole countries exsist; New York,to live in,and Africa,to do charity work in. That’s it.

    In fact,I wrote a lot,to New York Socialites,and New York Fashion magazine editors,and I begged them,”hey,my state is super poor,super primative,really badly educated; WE’RE your Africa!!! You can practice being a do-gooder on US. We will not mind at all!!We have tons of homeless,bodyless,broke,poor,starving,choking,and mind-blowing marajuana,oops,and we are all losing our shirts. Yeah. WE ARE AFRICA AND HAITI.

    In fact,we have our own “community peace ssong. It goes like this; “We are Su—dan!! /We are the Hai—ti!!! We live in huts,our dogs are mutts, come play with our bay—-bees!! / If you like gruel,you are a fool,cause we eat hotdogs on a stool; / Yes,we are Af-ri-Caaaah!! We’re Hai-teee, too!!!!!!” (deep romantic Sitar playing,and Japanese flat marimba.)

    Can you think of anything more romantic,for an Oregonian to do??Besides drying al the hail and snow,and rain off yer gloves,and her nose all the time.

  2. doreet commented on Small World over 6 years ago

    As anthropology goes,I can tell you,only a few Democracies in the whole history of mankind have exsisted;even ancient Greece did not last as long as it’s been presented.

    To be Oscar Wilde-blunt,tyranny and dictatorship is the natural way of human beings.Most of the countries of the world,right now,are dictatorships of some sort.Look at the middleeast;all the Arab countries have poor people,and rich,monarch leaders,who tell them what to do,and take all the money and property. Israel is the only “democracy ” in the whole middleeast.

    Australia,to my knowledge,now has the type of govt. that we have; facist,dictatorship,Oligarchy.One tiny bunch of people at the top,who own and control everything.The rest of us are just peones and peasants.Britian has been stripped of all their jobs,and manufacturing,too.They;’re in the same shape we are.

    Greece just spent it’s greedy self right into the abyss,that we are going to go into–right into the volcano of bankrupt Hell. They spent dept,like it was the ‘80’s,and they had endless credit and money;they were US!!!

    To quote the Talmud,of my favorite expression”Man has Evil Inclinations.” Notice,it is not optomistic of Man,saying”Man is naturally good.” Poo-Bah!! Ancient Jews really knew the real nature of Mankind!!

    I’m so sick of Christians saying,”Oh,People are really good,it’s true.” Wow,If that were true,how the Heck did all this happen?If people are really good at heart,how the heck did we get shoved into the obvious”Man has evil inclinations” right into “Man is naturally BAD,and will also do what the bad thing is,when it comes to blows!!”

    Cause I hate to say this,the Talmud was CORRECT. Mankind is more evil,than good,more weak,than ethically strong,and more savage and greedy than altruistic and benificent.We are that generally comical gorilla or chimpanzee,with a large brain case,and all the instincts of savage selfish apes. You know why the God of Abraham was an angry,punishing,judgemental God?Hey, we needed it to be!! ,MAN IS BASICALLY BAD,BAD,BAD.

    I hate to say this,but anthropologists have not been telling you the whole story,for many years;anyone who’s studied mankind,knows that he is destined for extinction,just cause he’s going to kill himself off. Yes,he’s going to do that!!First,he’s going to kill the whole planet,then he’s going to try and live WITHOUT A PLANET. Yeah, he is that dense!!

    The Last Man on Earth,will stumble around,while the ocean is dying,dead,with all the fish,animals in it,dead;and the earth and air rotting with fetid chemicals,all the animals on earth,and the plant life dying pittifully,horribley. and the bleeep Global Warming giving out the very worst allergies it can make,to kill us all off !! we’re all going to die from SUPER ALLERGIES. No,the super-king-size powerful edition of Benadryl is not going to stop the blood from running out of your huge,swelled,and distended sinus!!It[s not just a little rag weed,it’s RAG WEED NATION!!!

    The one good thing that will hopefully come about,with the Total Extinction of Man,is I will finally be re-encarnated as an Elephant. They are matriarchies(ruled by females.)They have a culture,tribe,intelligence,and boy,do they swing that trunk. Plus,I like peanuts and tall leafy branches for breakfast. Yummy. I am looking forward to being a very large pacaderm,moving around with a great bunch of big,impressive,gang of King of the Beasts,and anyone tries to shoot any of us,on safari,I will STEP on him. More than once. :) ELEPHANTS RULE!!! (In the Future.)

    God Bless Extinct Mankind,He Was Certainly a Stupid Schmuck!!!

  3. doreet commented on Mike Luckovich over 6 years ago

    I loved to tell all the kiddies at my local university,who are screaming about how bad laws are,that profile Muslims and Mexicans,and foreign people,that campuses and colleges are so vulnerable,little baby child centers of innocent,dumb,and completely unprotected kids of the bad American white(and non)people ;and eventually any enemy will realize that.

    College campuses are just like down town Manhattan,New York,just so vulnerable to any attacker,who seeks to hit very vulnerable spots of America. C’mon,those college kids are so without brains,they think a rat is a white mouse in the lab!!

    Girls get attacked and raped on vulnerable campuses all the time;you think any enemy or crazy Pakistani will not realize that,sooner or later,and say”hey,we can hit the bad Americans’ kids!!ALL of them are just SITTING DUCKS!!!they won;t see us coming,they will welcome us as “ethinic” and stuff like that!!They have no security on campuses,and it’s oozing with cute,young,innocent,and completely brain-dead little American children,who think a terrorist,is someone who toilet-papers your windows,on a frat-party night!!”

    I hate to say it,but also college campuses have some of the most clue-less, Ivory-tower,secluded,and completely divorced from reality people; yeah,students.

    Students have this distorted idea of reality, “life is supposed to be FAIR.”Ever try arguing with a college student?They will pull the “that is NOT FAIR!!those things in life are NOT FAIR!!they should all be FIXED!! Everyone should be EQUAL,WITH THE SAME MONEY!! Oh,and money is not important!!No,you do not need MONEY IN LIFE!! LOVE is more important than money!! Everyone on the planet should all just LOVE ONE ANOTHER. That would fix everything!!” (little hearts and flowers,and UN banners flying amid chirping blue-birds.)

    I do not think a terrorist could visualize a college,and college students.The terrorist would break in to the apartment of the student,in the middle of the night,and the student would say,”Oh,are you in foreign studies?Would you like a Late?Or do you take Turkish coffee?Gee,your mask is so interesting?Is that a native design of your country?Wow,what is that??It’s a GUN?What’s a GUN?? I seem to remember something about guns on old tv westerns,they do not exsist in the US anymore.Only in foreign wars. I never participate in foreign wars,they are not fair.”