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  1. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Jillpoke Bohemia about 20 hours ago

    “… nothing can stand in Jillpoke Bohemia’s way… "

    Just had to tempt the gods, right?

  2. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Suburban Fairy Tales 23 days ago

    Or when they ask you to give them an honest answer — and get offended when you do.

  3. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 month ago

    “Grown-ups desperately need to feel safe, and then they project onto the kids. But what none of us seem to realize is how smart kids are. They don’t like what we write for them, what we dish up for them, because it’s vapid, so they’ll go for the hard words, they’ll go for the hard concepts, they’ll go for the stuff where they can learn something. Not didactic things, but passionate things.” ― Maurice Sendak

  4. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 month ago

    Veselé Vianoce a šťastný nový rok!*

    Though I have replies to your replies in the queue, for now I’m posting something that I just thought of that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. This goes back to the days of The Tonight Show, when — not unlike LSoS — you just never knew when something wacky would happen, and it happened quite a bit. Here, it happens almost at the 2:00 minute mark:

    Python Snake Embraces Johnny Carson on Tonight Show, 1986, Funniest Moments


    I’m tempted to comment, but since that would mean poking into a perilous place, I’ll refrain. ;-D

    *’Merry Christmas and a happy new year’ in Slovak

  5. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 2 months ago

    I was really hopeful that at least some of those who received sketches would link to them here. Heck, I even encouraged it in my previous post, but no one bit — until you. So it’s just the two of us so far. There are also a couple of others on Kory’s Facebook page. And that’s it.

    Cool idea for a crossover! It’s fun to bring two (or more) worlds together in fiction and art, something that their respective creators (probably) wouldn’t do otherwise. (If I had my ’druthers, I would love to see a melding of LSoS and Endtown.)

    Though I can think of so many ideas that I would love to have had sketched, naturally I had to narrow it down to what I wanted most, so Blyme and Rallester it was. Blyme, because… well, he’s Blyme. And Rallester, because he was such a blast, and hardly deserving of such an ignominious demise.

    And speaking of the latter: Though I didn’t tell Kory to “Surprise me” the way you did, I did say that I would leave it to his judgment after giving him some ideas of what I wanted — and look what happened. I can imagine him indulging in an evil laugh while he was at work on the sketch, knowing that I had no inkling of what he was going to hit me with. I almost doubled over when I received it; coming from anyone else, I might have regarded it as a backhanded compliment (worse than any overt insult), but that isn’t Kory’s way.

    Several months ago, you wrote the following:

    I want to engage in the same light hearted chatter we did when the strip was still running, but what is there to say?

    I can think of a few things, including some that go back to when ‘The Bogey’ was still running that I never got around to. But that will have to wait till later, as I’ve gone on very long as it is. As usual.

  6. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 3 months ago

    To any and all who may still be lurking: Just wanted to share Kory’s present, which I received yesterday:


    (Note: When you’ve gone to the page, click on the image itself for a bigger view.)

    Here is what Kory replied in part after I sent him my request:

    Blyme supporter? Wow – didn’t know he had any supporters. I like him too, because he’s fun to draw and very cheerful. If LSOS continues, I’ll keep using him

    Take that, Blyme bashers. ;-p

    Kory generously agreed to do a second portrayal, as you can see — and Rallester zapped me good! As on many occasions in LSoS, I did not see that coming; nearly laughed my badonga off.

    So, anyone else care to post their own offerings? Would love to see what y’all requested and how Kory has rendered them.


  7. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on HUBRIS! 4 months ago

    So that’s where it came from? Figures. I find it incredibly annoying when I hear someone say that they’re single again when they have never been married, but merely Seeing Someone, as if the latter holds equal stature with the former.

  8. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 4 months ago

    Many thanks, and same to you.

    Also, going back a few weeks, I hope you didn’t think that I was disparaging printed books, if that’s how my remarks came across. Far from it! That’s still what I prefer; I got my (hard) copy of Kory’s book a couple of weeks ago. And yes, I very much would also like to see ‘The Bogey’ make it to print as well, which will be a massive undertaking if that ever comes to pass.

    I too have a number of used books in my stash; in most if not all of those cases, I probably would not have been able to obtain the titles I wanted without going the used route, so one has to be thankful for the ‘orphans.’

  9. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 4 months ago

    Not to worry re my birthday. I was sorry that I couldn’t remember yours several months earlier — just had a general idea of when it fell — but I do tend to be unreliable about such matters.

    But while we’re on the subject, here are a couple of fun things.

    First, I share my birthday with Annie, who made her debut on August 5, 1924.

    And second:

    Yes, I am a snake person. Isn’t that marveloussssssssssss?

  10. Green Darkness GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 4 months ago

    Here is something to which you might relate: