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  1. Albertaguy commented on Betty 11 days ago

    Luck is an illusion, but most of us still tend to be drawn in by it.

  2. Albertaguy commented on Betty 13 days ago

    I suspect your amount is close to what it would be for Edmonton as well. So I suppose the coin could be anything except a penny ( I doubt Edmonton Transit accepts them anymore either).

  3. Albertaguy commented on Calvin and Hobbes 13 days ago

    The significance can’t be zero, but it would be near zero. Given the size of the universe, the entire earth is of near zero importance. Monty Python got it right in the Meaning of Life.

  4. Albertaguy commented on Betty 13 days ago

    I’m not sure what bus fare in Edmonton is now, (have not used the bus in over 20 years), but the coin would have to be either a loonie or a toonie.

  5. Albertaguy commented on Rudy Park 5 months ago

    Stephen Harper a week or so ago claimed the north pole as part of Canada. (Geographic, the magnetic north pole moves around, and I think has been within Canada for the last few decades).

  6. Albertaguy commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 6 months ago

    I like butter, I grew up on homemade butter ( I would help churn it while watching TV). So did my wife, but she likes the taste of margarine better. But one thing always bothers me, the whole one molecule away from plastic thing. One molecule can be two atoms up to millions of atoms. The cliche is meaningless.

  7. Albertaguy commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 10 months ago

    You certainly right about our having tails, and it was many centuries, something over 50,000. About coloured margarine, until about 20 or 30 years ago all margarine had to be coloured a very dark yellow (orange?) in Canada. It was designed to protect the dairy industry.

  8. Albertaguy commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 10 months ago

    I recall hearing that when forestry is classified as part of agriculture, then agriculture is the most dangerous sector. The most dangerous animal is the dairy bull.

  9. Albertaguy commented on Savage Chickens 11 months ago

    I read Oliver Twist and David Copperfield, both very exciting tales, but I never got past the first 10 pages of A Tale of Two Cities.

  10. Albertaguy commented on Betty 12 months ago

    It is snowing in Northern Alberta. Betty is set in Edmonton, or at least it used to be.