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  1. poohbear8192 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria almost 6 years ago

    Dukedoug and Sandfan

    The Ashes play a prominent role in the later Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books and radio plays. I would have had no idea about this whatsoever if I had not gotten the radio play scripts, as I had not read the later books.

  2. poohbear8192 commented on La Cucaracha almost 6 years ago


    God and Fah-ox God and Fah-ox Both go together like Scotch and rah-ox.

    Ya can’t have one Ya can’t have one Ya can’t have one Without the ah-ah ah-therr.

    Or is it?

    Fox and Gah-odd Fox and Gah-odd Both go together like A reel and rah-odd

    Ya can’t have one Ya can’t have one Ya can’t have one Without the ah-ah ah-therr.

  3. poohbear8192 commented on The Duplex almost 6 years ago

    Eno has been there before! The waiter is NOT about to be stiffed for the third time.

  4. poohbear8192 commented on Cleats almost 6 years ago

    Target, $800.39

  5. poohbear8192 commented on Chuckle Bros almost 6 years ago

    Electricians are worthless. I’m not going to spend good money just to put in a simple circuit-breaker box. And no! You don’t need to turn off the power!

    Or worse: Penny? Fuse? What difference does it make.?

  6. poohbear8192 commented on The Flying McCoys almost 6 years ago

    Stupid One, Stupid Two and Stupid Three. Dog bless’em every none.

    Nobody here but us Fools.

  7. poohbear8192 commented on The City almost 6 years ago

    We have yet to plumb the depths of whatever it is we think we are talking about.

    I’m a left-wing moron (as opposed to right-wing morons) and I love Santa. He’s one of the few things about the Solstice Season worth caring about.

  8. poohbear8192 commented on Non Sequitur almost 6 years ago

    Well, it does look as if he has his s**t together.

  9. poohbear8192 commented on Pickles almost 6 years ago

    There was a time, ages ago when Bod Dylan told us young-uns not to trust anyone over thirty.

  10. poohbear8192 commented on The Quigmans almost 6 years ago

    I see, you put the big over-sized pot on the too narrow window sill and when I accidentally brush against it, tipping it from its precarious thoughtless place on the ledge to land on the floor it’s MY fault. And besides, this is the thirteenth time it’s happened!