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  1. poohbear8192 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria almost 6 years ago

    Dukedoug and Sandfan

    The Ashes play a prominent role in the later Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books and radio plays. I would have had no idea about this whatsoever if I had not gotten the radio play scripts, as I had not read the later books.

  2. poohbear8192 commented on La Cucaracha almost 6 years ago


    God and Fah-ox God and Fah-ox Both go together like Scotch and rah-ox.

    Ya can’t have one Ya can’t have one Ya can’t have one Without the ah-ah ah-therr.

    Or is it?

    Fox and Gah-odd Fox and Gah-odd Both go together like A reel and rah-odd

    Ya can’t have one Ya can’t have one Ya can’t have one Without the ah-ah ah-therr.

  3. poohbear8192 commented on The Duplex almost 6 years ago

    Eno has been there before! The waiter is NOT about to be stiffed for the third time.

  4. poohbear8192 commented on Cleats almost 6 years ago

    Target, $800.39

  5. poohbear8192 commented on Chuckle Bros almost 6 years ago

    Electricians are worthless. I’m not going to spend good money just to put in a simple circuit-breaker box. And no! You don’t need to turn off the power!

    Or worse: Penny? Fuse? What difference does it make.?

  6. poohbear8192 commented on The Flying McCoys almost 6 years ago

    Stupid One, Stupid Two and Stupid Three. Dog bless’em every none.

    Nobody here but us Fools.

  7. poohbear8192 commented on The City almost 6 years ago

    We have yet to plumb the depths of whatever it is we think we are talking about.

    I’m a left-wing moron (as opposed to right-wing morons) and I love Santa. He’s one of the few things about the Solstice Season worth caring about.

  8. poohbear8192 commented on Non Sequitur almost 6 years ago

    Well, it does look as if he has his s**t together.

  9. poohbear8192 commented on Pickles almost 6 years ago

    There was a time, ages ago when Bod Dylan told us young-uns not to trust anyone over thirty.

  10. poohbear8192 commented on Strange Brew almost 6 years ago

    You should see the one with Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean and Elvis Presley!