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  1. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy about 10 hours ago

    Tracy said on June 25, 2014 that Thunder Island was “privately owned by the US government” (whatever that meant) and leased to the private sector. It is possible that it has restricted air space.

    On a side note I think it was kind of dumb for Tracy not to at least have a back up before he went off to Thunder Island. At least take a wrist radio with you.

  2. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy about 23 hours ago

    Again, Annie’s comments don’t jive with what has happened before. Her coded letter gave a location not a year. More over it was sent to a person who in 1944 did NOT exist as Sparkle Plenty wasn’t even born until 1947 and her fame didn’t really hit critical mass until 1949. It is beginning to sound more and more like she hasn’t entirely escaped Belinda.

  3. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy about 24 hours ago

    I was thinking the village of the prisoner which was on a similar scale.

  4. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Actually being in 1944 would_not_ explain Annie’s letter as even ignoring the sliding time scale Dick Tracy now uses Sparkle wasn’t even born until 1947 and her singing career wasn’t until at least 1949 when she was two.

    More importantly B O Plenty and Gravel Gertie didn’t even meet until 1946 when Diet Smith gave him what had been originally planned to be the Sunny Dell Acres (it was not suited for development).

    So Annie’s letter was to a person that in 1944 hadn’t even been born, to a couple to hadn’t even met, and whose home didn’t even exist. Uhhh.

  5. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    I wonder if the calendar we saw when this first began will prove to be a clue. Annie’s statement doesn’t jive with her July 10, 2014 comment about “Mr Tracy believes it all!” when he comments about a war being on.

  6. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Gould could be just as bad if not worse even in his early years. The Blank (1937) and Brow (1944) storylines jumped around a fair bit. Also in places that didn’t get the Sunday strip (a problem with The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy collection) it was very easy to get a ‘what is going on?!’ feeling.

  7. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    I wouldn’t put much stock in that. Even in Gould’s classic days there was a disconnect between events that supposedly were happening at the same time.

    For example, in Little Face Finny (1941) in the time it takes Tracy to ask a badly wounded man (a few minutes) a reporter get to the bus yard, slash open at least six seats, find some sparklers, get discovered, run away, and then drop the sparklers in a mail box. This happens again with the Brow (1944) where for him and Doc minutes pass while for Tracy hour seem to go by. Much the same thing happens with the Brow and Gravel Gertie.

    So this time disconnect happened even without time travel.

  8. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    “The right software (or a lot of research)” You’re kidding, right? Open Google. Put in “june 1944 calendar”. Shazam, there is your answer. Not even a minute of research. Sheesh.

  9. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    I think avenger09 was referring to the fact that we the readers know from Annie’s behavior that the whole time travel plot thread is a red herring. The June 1944 calendar we kept seeing being wrong is a big clue as well.

    It is kind of annoying to have a plat point that odds are is going to go nowhere continually brought up.

  10. Maximara commented on Dick Tracy 19 days ago

    Sadly, Pruneface was killed off via falling from a gondola in the Bavarian mountains near Berchtesgaden and if you are wondering they did recover the body.

    Horrified at the sight his granddaughter Prunella killed herself. So outside of let’s ignore that (as they did Mumbles death by old age) Pruneface is not the character in question