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  1. cybergal29 commented on Heart of the City 3 days ago

    I grew up on a farm in Southern Manitoba and I can remember first we get a dusting of snow. The radio and TV stations (that we were able to get) all said to slow down. Well, you would see on the news the vehicles in the ditches or into each other. I remember seeing a news report from Winnipeg where several vehicles banged into each other due to black ice (later an auto repair shop used that clip for their commercial).

  2. cybergal29 commented on Diamond Lil 3 days ago

    Breath through your mouth not your nose when cutting onions and you will have no tears. It is the smell of onions that triggers the tears.

  3. cybergal29 commented on Heart of the City 5 days ago

    I have thought of trying tofu turkey just to see if I would like the taste of it or not.

  4. cybergal29 commented on Garfield 5 days ago

    They are lucky they were not up in Canada in October. That is when we have our Thanksgiving. It occurs on the second Monday of that month.

  5. cybergal29 commented on Heart of the City 9 days ago

    I will help Dean hold down the gundark!!!!!!

  6. cybergal29 commented on C'est la Vie 12 days ago

    I wonder if this what the cartoonist is going through :-( This is why she had to cut back because of something of a medical nature :-(

  7. cybergal29 commented on Heart of the City 13 days ago

    I hope that Heart gets what is coming to her for that and real soon!

  8. cybergal29 commented on Garfield 13 days ago

    I never heard of bacon ice cream. I have heard of garlic ice cream. To be honest, I would like to try both just to see if I would like the taste or not (my Mom would say taste to see if you like it before saying “no” to any food.)

  9. cybergal29 commented on Heart of the City 16 days ago

    I would try and take as many copies of each scroll from the Library of Alexandria. I agree with you 100% to take out that experimental hive in Brazil!

  10. cybergal29 commented on Garfield 19 days ago

    I remember this show “How The Lottery Changed My Life” (I would just LOVE to get it on DVD) where this man bought had a feeling to go buy a lottery ticket with his last three dollars. He wins, but has trouble collecting due to the clerk saying he need a lawyer to collect. He calls his male friend who gets his lawyer and all three show up to help the man get his winnings. That man gets another feeling but it is a bad one about going to New York on September 11, 2001 and, after talking to his wife who told him to act on that feeling as he had acted on it before, he cancels his plans to meet these investors at the World Trade Center with another man who was to meet him there. The man who he was to meet phoned him to turn on the TV.