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  1. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on Chuckle Bros about 5 hours ago

    I’ve heard writers say that sometimes their characters take on a life of their own, but this is ridiculous!

  2. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on Big Nate 1 day ago

    I can laugh at parodies of my favorite shows and even make fun of them myself (did it ever bother Worf that every time he proposed tighter security measures he was contradicted by the captain? Did the red-shirts agitate for a change of color because they were being disproportionately killed?) but let’s give these shows their due. Both the original Star Trek and Next Generation produced high-quality television. Were there a few clunkers along the way? Sure — it happens when you’re creating a weekly television show. Did we sometimes see similar dangers – threats from aliens, anomalies in space, time travel? That’s your stock-in-trade when your stories take place aboard a starship (same as doctor shows deal with illness and police and lawyer shows deal with crime). What matters is what you do with the ideas.

    Lucas’ ideas for Star Wars weren’t original – dogfights in outer space, the young hero on a quest, discovering his destiny. What counted was how he executed those ideas, and that’s what made the original movies so popular and successful.

  3. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on Fred Basset 2 days ago

    He came up with the idea for a strip about not having any ideas for a strip.

  4. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on Herman 2 days ago

    I think this guy was inspired by the Grinch and his dog, Max.

  5. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on Farcus 3 days ago

    Lucky for the astronauts that in this cartoon universe the moon appears to have a breathable atmosphere. Guess they can survive until Mission Control calls them back (of course they might die while waiting on hold for tech support . . . )

  6. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on Brewster Rockit 5 days ago

    I don’t think the marriage will last long – Cliff will be there momentarily to devour the bride and groom. But if the marriage did last . . .

    Does Prince Java fill himself up with fresh coffee every morning, kind of like the Kool-Aid pitcher in the commercials?

    Does Princess Donut switch from glaze to powdered sugar when she feels the need for a makeover?

    Will the kids be coffee cakes?

  7. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on The Born Loser 5 days ago

    “It wasn’t long ago that color TV was the rage”? Lady, it was about 50 years ago!

  8. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on The Argyle Sweater 7 days ago

    Never really had a problem with lima beans, except that the only place I encountered them was in those frozen mixed veggies Mom used to buy. What else do people use them for? I’ve had butter beans in a baked bean dish with bacon (no franks) and they were delicious!

    As for the cartoon, is this reincarnation for meat animals?

  9. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on The Other Coast 7 days ago

    Or the clam could wish to get its hands around the neck of the universe that decreed it would be a clam. But since there isn’t much point in complaining about one’s pot in life, maybe it should just clam up!

  10. paullp GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 13 days ago

    Ruben’s satire is sharp and on target, as always.