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  1. Duffer37 commented on Overboard about 1 month ago

    You serve pumpkin pie with whipped cream, not ice cream. Guy Fawkes? Really? Pokemon?? SMH

  2. Duffer37 commented on Robert Ariail 2 months ago

    Trump’s dirty, Clinton is filthy… vote “None of the Above”!!!!!

  3. Duffer37 commented on Tim Eagan 2 months ago

    Check out the 1099 for the Clinton Foundation at Guidestar. It’s a slush fund for the Clinton family and their friends. The scariest part is WHO the money is coming from… enemies of this country. If she becomes President, this country will fall, because she won’t be healthy enough to serve a full term and the guy who ruined Virginia will ruin the US.

  4. Duffer37 commented on Overboard 3 months ago

    Sorry, if you can’t throw the ball once, or pet a dog once, or skritch a cat ONCE, I have no use for you. Just walk off a cliff right now. If you’re allergic, you might get a pass, but this idiot was wasting a perfectly good day in a public park READING A BOOK! Read when it’s dark, read when it’s raining or snowing. Don’t throw away a perfectly good day at the park by reading.

  5. Duffer37 commented on PreTeena 3 months ago

    Stupid girl. I hope he goes all “Carrie” on her with a bucket!

  6. Duffer37 commented on PreTeena 3 months ago

    Youth is wasted on the young and stupid.

  7. Duffer37 commented on PreTeena 3 months ago

    After all this time, I hope Johnson makes her evening miserable. It’s about time that little beyotch got it back in her face.

  8. Duffer37 commented on PreTeena 4 months ago

    … and these are the parents that will wonder why their “straight A” student flunks out of college and can’t get a decent job. My parents helped me with great ideas and instructions, but I had to do ALL the work.

  9. Duffer37 commented on PreTeena 4 months ago

    Wow, mom, projecting much? You’ve already got one daughter who’s a fashionista whore, how about you leave this one alone.

  10. Duffer37 commented on Garfield 5 months ago

    As long as Jon gets an evening of role play and freaky-under-the-sheets, I say go shoe shopping. Otherwise, no way in hell.