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  1. route66paul commented on Stone Soup Classics about 3 hours ago

    My wife and I wanted children, but after the one time we left them with grandparents(for about 45 minutes), it all came back to me and we decided that they weren’t qualified to watch a goldfish.

  2. route66paul commented on Stone Soup Classics about 3 hours ago

    I used to think that way until we got to raise a grandaughter….. Much better than a grandson.

  3. route66paul commented on Get Fuzzy about 3 hours ago

    Bucky, you need a dutch oven…..

  4. route66paul commented on Chuckle Bros about 4 hours ago

    I hate it when that happens.

  5. route66paul commented on Shoe about 4 hours ago

    There are some that were born with crossed signals. The others have been conditioned to be that way.
    While I do not believe they should get preferred treatment, I do believe that they all need some kind of help.

  6. route66paul commented on Pearls Before Swine about 4 hours ago

    vote third party or write in.

  7. route66paul commented on For Better or For Worse about 4 hours ago

    The best months of my childhood was when my father took a job north and took the rest of the family. I stayed with my grandfather. When they got back, it was misery, from my father, who thought I was actually having a good time. He squashed everything.

  8. route66paul commented on Cul de Sac about 4 hours ago

    Men don’t buy magazines, they read other’s.

  9. route66paul commented on Drabble 2 days ago

    if you get it wron most of the time, she will just do it herself.

  10. route66paul commented on Drabble 2 days ago

    You might have to order them special, but they are still made. Many people want manual windows because if your “power window” goes out in the winter, you could have a cold ride home.