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  1. dgmiller commented on Pooch Cafe about 8 hours ago

    I’ve never seen a purple cat,
    I don’t expect to see one,
    But if I have to make a choice,
    I would rather see than be one!

  2. dgmiller commented on Candorville about 10 hours ago

    I’m sure you mean the potty principle. The potty principal is the guy trying to keep order in the boy’s restroom after they get there!

  3. dgmiller commented on Rose is Rose about 10 hours ago

    I have had in the past the capability to take an “unhappy” grandchild (often VERY grouchy) and rock them to sleep in 5 minutes flat. I am a little out of practice now, since they are older than 6-7 (up to 25+). Maybe, I’ll have great-grandkids before too long, and get my form back!

  4. dgmiller commented on B.C. 3 days ago

    I hope you have a diving suit!!

  5. dgmiller commented on The Big Picture 8 days ago

    I see a bit of the old cartoon “Felix the Cat” (i.e., Ginger)

  6. dgmiller commented on Overboard 8 days ago

    I have a horse that your friend Richard might be interested in. Have him e-mail me.

  7. dgmiller commented on Rudy Park 10 days ago

    “The Plot Against America” Philip Roth (2004) is even more striking, because he uses actual historical characters and quite plausible circumstances. Night-Gaunt49 might be referring to this work. Both works are well-worth reading. The analogies in both are quite frightening, in light of present-day events.

  8. dgmiller commented on Wizard of Id Classics 13 days ago

    I hope you’re alright. You forgot to duck!!!

  9. dgmiller commented on Tom Toles 13 days ago

    Here’s one from at least 70 years ago, with 6 signs rather than the usual 5.

    A man who passes
    on hills and curves
    isn’t a man
    of iron nerves.
    He’s crazy!
    Burma Shave

  10. dgmiller commented on The Other Coast 13 days ago

    Ditto !!!!!!!!