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  1. gammaguy commented on Garfield Classics 30 minutes ago

    Not so difficult if you judge each individual pet and don’t assume all members of each species are all the same.

  2. gammaguy commented on Get a Life 35 minutes ago

    Not a good idea. Now he’ll make sure that you get audited.

  3. gammaguy commented on The Humble Stumble 40 minutes ago

    They’ll be traveling together back to Deutschland for Oktoberfest. She’ll be practicing that yoga posture, “downward stein contents”.

  4. gammaguy commented on In the Bleachers about 1 hour ago

    Stop bugging him.

  5. gammaguy commented on Jane's World about 1 hour ago

    “Somewhere, someone understands it….”
    Not really, but they think they do.

  6. gammaguy commented on Looks Good on Paper about 1 hour ago

    Right. Orangs are more civilized/peaceful than chimps.

  7. gammaguy commented on Loose Parts about 1 hour ago

    Better take off your helmets.

  8. gammaguy commented on Meg Classics about 1 hour ago

    And nobody’s yet figured out that they’re in the wrong camp?

  9. gammaguy commented on Mike du Jour about 1 hour ago

    “Foliage” – That age at which a woman needs to start taking folic acid supplements.

  10. gammaguy commented on Moderately Confused about 1 hour ago

    At college, we procrastinate before finals with a cubist origami competition… to see who could make the smallest origami cube. As I recall, the winning cube (using ordinary writing paper) was 3/16" on a side.