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  1. gammaguy commented on Chuckle Bros about 9 hours ago

    Just a short stop on the way to Hades.

  2. gammaguy commented on Medium Large about 10 hours ago

    What font?

  3. gammaguy commented on Non Sequitur about 10 hours ago

    “…a stroke and as he fell to the floor, the pen and the black line fell down too….”
    All it took was a stroke of the pen.

  4. gammaguy commented on Non Sequitur about 10 hours ago

    “I’ve never understood why the streets of heaven would be made of gold.”
    Well, “up there” it’s not good for much else. And being a relatively soft metal, maybe it’s easier than paving stones on sandaled feet.

  5. gammaguy commented on Poptropica about 15 hours ago

    Brace yourself.

  6. gammaguy commented on Prickly City about 15 hours ago

    I thought Hunny was proud of her inhumanity.

  7. gammaguy commented on Real Life Adventures about 15 hours ago

    In my memory it’s been “conservatives” who burned books they disapproved of… or “Christians”, if it’s the Koran they’re burning.
    And flag burning is so last century. Does anybody really do that, anymore? Even the Confederate flag wasn’t burned, only taken down.

  8. gammaguy commented on Stone Soup about 16 hours ago

    The problem is that the new things haven’t been installed in the bathroom. They’re not even there to break… or to use.

  9. gammaguy commented on Strange Brew about 16 hours ago

    With leaded glass, to protect the posterity of your co-workers.

  10. gammaguy commented on That's Life about 16 hours ago

    Three programs with no worthwhile content doesn’t add up to anything worth watching. I’ll stick with my real reality