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  1. gammaguy commented on Reality Check about 6 hours ago

    As in… being sentenced for a “hate crime”?

  2. gammaguy commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal about 6 hours ago

    Worse. As a member of the internet of things, it’ll defame you on social media.

  3. gammaguy commented on Shoe about 6 hours ago

    I’ve always voted for whomever I wished, regardless of the political orientation of my gramma (who was a school teacher).

  4. gammaguy commented on Soup to Nutz about 6 hours ago

    Practice makes perfect.

  5. gammaguy commented on Speechless about 6 hours ago

    Once upon a time, I thought Santa was the cleverest Halloween costume ever, but since then it’s become far too common.

  6. gammaguy commented on Strange Brew about 6 hours ago

    “Leftover Gingrich?” No, no! Gingrich is rightover.

  7. gammaguy commented on That's Life about 6 hours ago

    Is that a chain letter he’s holding? Doesn’t he know those are illegal?

  8. gammaguy commented on Working Daze about 6 hours ago

    “No bonuses”? Taken literally, that should mean that even she won’t get a bonus.

  9. gammaguy commented on Working Daze about 6 hours ago

    Depends considerably on the individual execs and other workers. I’ve known individual execs who either wouldn’t or couldn’t do their assigned job. And I’ve known non-exec workers who could and would do an excellent job even without executive supervision, and I’ve known others who either couldn’t or wouldn’t do a decent job even with decent executive guidance/assistance.

  10. gammaguy commented on Working Daze 1 day ago

    I looked at the world around me. Still do.