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Starslip by Kris Straub


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  1. rexall commented on Liberty Meadows 8 months ago

    I’ve heard that Frank is now working with the
    Marvel comics group

  2. rexall commented on Shoe 9 months ago

    You have got that right!!!!!!!!!

  3. rexall commented on Jane's World 12 months ago

    Jill ?? It’s Jane

  4. rexall commented on Liberty Meadows about 1 year ago

    Brandy’s not bad — she’s just drawn that way !

  5. rexall commented on Starslip about 2 years ago

    @ ghostkeeper

    You and a lot of other lamebrains are the reason of poor
    exceptance of this movie. The character was Original!!! Not
    the Batman character !!! Kudos to everyone involved with
    this movie. !!