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  1. Bob Ames commented on MythTickle over 3 years ago

    Two very good jokes. Keep slipping in these old panels Justin.

  2. Bob Ames commented on Birdbrains over 3 years ago

    Thank you @440RoadRunner for not starting it off. I’m sure in a few hours wing-nuts from both sides will be insulting each other but I’m just here for the funnies.

  3. Bob Ames commented on PreTeena about 4 years ago

    This has nothing to do with federal school lunch policies. It’s local politicians making choices about meals brought from home, and written during a previous administration. No reason to bring your politics into it.

  4. Bob Ames commented on PreTeena about 4 years ago

    C’mon Jeri, 13 is too young to grow out of fantasy. I’m 59 and still working on it.

  5. Bob Ames commented on For Better or For Worse about 4 years ago

    @ Susan Newman
    Couldn’t agree more. Hardly a day goes by when she isn’t yelling, shouting, or screaming.

  6. Bob Ames commented on The Flying McCoys about 4 years ago

    @Lin Gee
    Visit the Creationist Museum in Kentucky and get in the saddle on a triceratops. Yours is definitely a minority view.

  7. Bob Ames commented on Chuckle Bros over 4 years ago

    Thank you @Penny Robinson Fan Club
    I think we have our winner for the day.

  8. Bob Ames commented on Baldo over 4 years ago

    Had a lime green leisure suit back then. I’d have to drop 8 stones to wear it now it if it hadn’t gone into a landfill 40 years ago.

  9. Bob Ames commented on The Argyle Sweater over 4 years ago

    Well, it’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine.

  10. Bob Ames commented on Ink Pen over 4 years ago

    My last name is Ames. The department store wouldn’t even give me a discount much less royalties. Served them right to go out of business ten years ago.