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  1. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp 7 months ago

    No basket? I think that ref is going to end up in the rafters herself! Kenzie is going to go all Sybil on everyone in the gym.

  2. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp almost 2 years ago

    I’m guessing the Junior Attendants will be LaDonna Ausby and … John Pascoe! Not sure why, it just seems like Neal and Rod have been saving the Silent Giant for something, and I am starting to think it is to save Milford’s season after the eventual meltdown by Jarrod threatens to tear the team apart. If so, maybe it all starts with John becoming a Junior Attendant. The fun part is, with this strip, you really never know where it is heading!

  3. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp over 5 years ago

    It doesn’t matter because … Parker is gay!!!

  4. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp almost 6 years ago

    The $40 “profit” is no mystery. Clearly, Cody stole the $80, thinking it was a band kid’s money. Apparently, he wasn’t making enough money from dealing drugs and pimping out Cassie (which I expect will be divulged in tomorrow’s strip). Clearly, Cody only hatched his plan to replace the stolen money because the Ghost was using the theft as a means to pursue his vendetta against a certain band member which led to a rift in the football team. Clearly, Cody only cared about healing the rift in the football team because he was gambling on the team’s games and the rift was making it difficult to predict how they would play. Clearly, after pitching in $40 from the original $80 that he stole, Cody was left with a “profit” of $40.

    I guess the storyline is that foster kids, no matter how well they seem to be doing academically and/or athletically, can’t be trusted. As a result of the fear of being abandoned once they turn 18, they are all drug-dealing, pimping, gambling thieves.

    I pray that we don’t find out that Cody had something to do with the disappearance of Gil’s kids. If so, I would advocate locking up all foster kids forever. If it saves just one family from going through the horror that Gil and Mimi have had to go through, a horror so great that Gil and Mimi can’t bring themselves to talk about or even acknowledge their loss, it would be worth it.

  5. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp about 6 years ago

    Color-blindness is no laughing matter. Cody will end Miles’ season with this monster hit and everyone will turn on Cody, but in the end Gil will have Cody tested and will prove that, due to his disability, Cody was not at fault for hitting Miles. Milford will learn that in order to accommodate Cody’s disability, it will need to replace the red jerseys with polka-dots.

    I wonder what going on with the cross country teams?

  6. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp over 6 years ago

    Now I know what happened to Captain Kangaroo. He’s running the Pro Shop at the Milford Country Club.

    Tomorrow, Gil will hand-pick the young women to drive the beverage cart around the course.

  7. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp over 6 years ago


    That’s not saying much. LOL

  8. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp over 6 years ago

    P3 is stupid, in so many ways.

    Umpire not wearing chest protector.

    Catcher’s right hand exposed AND looks like a tarantula crawling along the bottom of the panel.

    Batter swinging a wooden bat in the high school playdowns? Must be, because aluminum bats don’t make a “KRAK” sound!

    Finally, if Derek was warming up while Milford batted, what happened during Milford’s half of the inning? More importantly, who threw the mushball to the Pennfield batter? If it was Derek, then what was the point of having him race back from the gig? If it was Paul, then (again) what was the point of having Derek race back from the gig?

    Does it make me stupid too, for reading this strip every day?

  9. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp over 6 years ago

    “How will the next 4-5 weeks be accounted for?”

    Cassie, Coach Kaz and two-a-days! This is gonna get messy!

  10. MilfordAsstDA commented on Gil Thorp over 6 years ago

    ‘tis a mystery where this story line is going. If Derek plays the gig, he lets the team down. On the other hand, if he forces the van to turn around to play with the team, he lets the band down. My guess, based on Gil’s comment that BYTF are baseball fans, is that when Derek gets to the gig, BYTF will find out about the situation they have unknowingly put him in, and they will have their private jet fly him back to Milford just in time to save the championship game. Then Derek will shove his mitt down Bryce’s throat and take Cassie out for some barbecue. I love happy endings.