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  1. robinegg commented on Adam@Home over 1 year ago

    Face it, we’re all the scary bad guys on this planet.

  2. robinegg commented on Peanuts almost 2 years ago

    In a mirror image, the patch should be on the other side.

  3. robinegg commented on B.C. almost 2 years ago

    Farley Mowat is a big fat liar

  4. robinegg commented on Cul de Sac almost 2 years ago

    Good-bye Mr. Thompson. Genius is so overused, but for you and this comic it’s the perfect word. Only thinking about the archives is keeping me from crying this morning.

  5. robinegg commented on Peanuts about 2 years ago

    As a teenager I had a poster of the iconic panel three up in my bedroom for several years. Thank-you C.S. for the inspiration!

  6. robinegg commented on The Meaning of Lila over 2 years ago

    Has anyone noticed how much Mrs. Klein looks like an older version of Lila?

  7. robinegg commented on Pooch Cafe over 2 years ago

    Girl Guides are the equivalent of Girl Scouts, but in Canada.