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  1. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp over 1 year ago

    His answer should be Tequila ; my answer is the comments people make to this once grand strip; perhaps it is the growing years and the inevitable cynicism that follows, but I long for the day when the strips made sense and the art work was consistent.

  2. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp over 1 year ago

    P.S. – why don’t his Nike logos match on his collar?

  3. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp over 1 year ago

    What a press area for the Moonster! It looks like a salon and the hair gel is conveniently placed right behind him; or is it an air canister in case /Deflate gate reaches MIlford? Have no idea where that room would be in a gym

  4. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp almost 3 years ago

    DavStevens – must be from Chicago to get the Peacock scoop from the Trib; they don’t play girl’s basketball like this in Chi town; I would hope the midwestern weather recently would cast some light on where MILFord is, but alas the clever writers have outwitted us again!

  5. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp about 3 years ago

    Sports Guy you are awesome! Exactly what the melodic and insightful Vin Scully would say. However, since this is a teen “strip” Phil Rizzuto’s voice from Paradise by the Dashboard light might be more appropriate. “This guy really makes things happen!” I dont’ think they are football or softball pants – prison garb from a used clothing store?

  6. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp about 3 years ago

    BikeMike – good literary allusion to Cuckoo’s Nest there with the juicy fruit comment. LIke you all, the saving grace is the comments since the strip has totally morphed from what it used to be. We’ve seen the bucket now, but any sightings of Gil’s kids?

  7. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp over 4 years ago

    Old Holden was right- all mothers are crazy!

  8. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp about 5 years ago

    I have been a fan of Gil since high school, which is lo these 40 years ago. May have missed a day or two, but couldn’t imagine life without Gil on a regular basis. Prayers to Neal and his family. Like Gil’s athletes, we are all day to day, and that is why we appreciate the strip, because as silly as it migtht be and as hard as we are on the comments, it still means we are on the right side of the grass and can appreciate all the struggles that happen in Milford and in our lives. Thank you Neal for giving us perspective, which you now do even in your illness.

  9. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp about 5 years ago

    Well said, Pro! Know your prepositons, just like Gil knows his players. What are they doing hiring a new coach as the season begings? Is there poor moral among the staff? Who’s the AD, and why isn’t he more proactive with this? Oh……….

  10. fanofgil commented on Gil Thorp over 5 years ago

    bobshowap – like the writers of this script, people don’t always have things right. You are mistaken when you say that Taxpayers pay 70% of the teacher’s pensions. TEACHERS PAY 41/2 per cent into TRS, and the district matches that, that money coming from a variety of sources, not just tax-based assessments. Just as in the private sector, an employee has deductions for a 401K, and the company will match those funds. So according to your logic, teachers pay 70% of the private sector’s retirement funds. See how that doesn’t add up?