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  1. mrdoody commented on Lisa Benson about 5 years ago

    Well, let’s see; as I understand it there was a structure left in the remains that resembled a cross. Benson depicted it here. There are law suits already pending to prevent its use in the memoral.

  2. mrdoody commented on Michael Ramirez about 5 years ago

    The first thing you need to know about Krugman is that he is a democrat, he is a liberal, and he is a Keynesian. Oh wait that’s like 3 things. To the average American Krugman is nothing but a paid Op-Ed writer. To a few, his other writings offer significant insights into Keynesian economics. If you don’t know what the Keynesian economics theory is it can be summed up as the answer to any recession is to spend money, regardless of any other mitigating factors like debt. The second part of that economic theory is that if the spending doesn’t work then you spend more money and so on…

  3. mrdoody commented on Ted Rall about 5 years ago

    Are you trying to be funny? Perhaps you really don’t know a death star. Ether way you fail to make any point.

  4. mrdoody commented on Chuck Asay about 5 years ago

    Lacking an intelligent response you resort to insult. How petty!

  5. mrdoody commented on Chuck Asay about 5 years ago

    You need not try to put words in my mouth. I am much better at it than you would be. Asay accurately depicted our situation and is born out by statistics. I don’t believe most Americans are lazy. There are many reasons for needing financial help and laziness is only one. Many people just need jobs that were shipped overseas.

  6. mrdoody commented on Chuck Asay about 5 years ago

    I don’t give compliments lightly so for me to say how genuinely great this toon is says something in itself. All I can say is wow!
    And of course Obama wants to take food and water from the few rowers he dose have and throw in some more stimulus in the back of the boat. Proof that a little ignorance really goes a long way.

  7. mrdoody commented on Stuart Carlson about 5 years ago

    Ok so 1937 may as well be on a different planet. It was a different economy, and a different America. What worked then is irrelevant to what we need today.

  8. mrdoody commented on Chuck Asay about 5 years ago

    You guys are a real hoot to read. It is interesting that Keynesians always look for someone to blame to explain why spending money doesn’t cure all of our woes. Politicians that actually keep their campaign promises are not the answer. You can buy millions of Chinese diapers at Wal-Mart and it is just not going to create an American job. I doubt if anyone has ever tried to find out how much of a dollar stimulus benefits Americans, probably less than $.10 helps our economy while the rest goes overseas. Another mystery to most Americans is just how much we already spend on entitlements. The list is incredible and there is no way of knowing just how much Joe Blow is taking in govt. welfare from dozens of different programs. Sure we all look back fondly to a 75% tax rate on the wealthy but we forget that back then more Americans actually paid taxes and fewer welfare programs bled the treasury dry. Of course back then Americans actually had jobs and good-paying jobs at that. We have to stop the bickering and realize that the solution to America’s debt and economic woes is not giving tax breaks to the rich or for that matter taxing the rich. The answer is not giving away cash for not working or for that matter ending entitlements and programs that Americans have earned and paid for. We have to look to a new economic policy that frankly neither liberals nor conservatives will support. We have to stop borrowing money to pay welfare and we need to spend money on real programs that create lasting American jobs. We need to incentivize the private sector to hire in America and we just are not doing those things now.

  9. mrdoody commented on Tom Toles about 5 years ago

    You see! Some of us assume one or the other is right. In this case an airplane or indeed perhaps a helicopter. Which is it really? Perhaps neither… Perhaps the pilot would be the voters and just want something that flies regardless of whether it is a helicopter or an airplane.

  10. mrdoody commented on Bob Gorrell about 5 years ago

    I do understand the division of powers in our government but to contend that the President doesn’t want to spend a lot more of our money is disingenuous at best. Shouldn’t we at least make not of the fact that in order to need a debt ceiling adjustment is the result of having overspent our authorized credit in the first place? When ever Keynesian economics fails, as it often does, the cure is always to spend more money. Might I point out that had we not overspent in the first place then the debt ceiling would not be so important.