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  1. Jen commented on JumpStart about 18 hours ago

    Congratulations Sam! Much respect for you all in the firefighting biz, particularly because I was volunteer firefighter many years ago. Loved it! Keep up the great work- we need you. Now instead of fighting fires, etc, Jesus has called me to help save souls.

    By the way, how am I to make the text bold and italicized?

  2. Jen commented on Overboard 10 days ago

    What a total waste of paper and ink.

  3. Jen commented on Pickles 24 days ago

    Opal did steal Earl from her sister Pearl. No one to blame but herself.

  4. Jen commented on Red and Rover 24 days ago

    Rover is Red’s in-training for when Red has children.

  5. Jen commented on JumpStart 27 days ago

    Back in the day Clarence could have had his 13 year old get a job. Make his son start helping with the upkeep of the cars if he wants to drive them in 3 years. He’ll appreciate the privilege of car PRIVILEGES- not car Rights-a whole lot more.

  6. Jen commented on Overboard 28 days ago

    I refuse to break out the space heater before October 1.

  7. Jen commented on Gray Matters 29 days ago

    He’s going to know what a hot flash is when they leave.

  8. Jen commented on Grand Avenue about 1 month ago

    Especially the green hotdogs and green edged baked eggs. Ewwww.

  9. Jen commented on The Barn about 1 month ago

    That is FUNNY! Especially because my mom is 80 and her relatives came from Yugoslavia and “Baba” is “grandma” in Slovenian.

  10. Jen commented on Pluggers about 1 month ago

    I usually don’t get nap with them but I do enjoy the downtime.