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  1. Jen commented on Gray Matters 2 days ago

    He must be related to Wally at Dilbert’s workplace.

  2. Jen commented on Stone Soup 4 days ago

    Phil, that’s my kind of breakfast, too. Mmmm.

  3. Jen commented on Gray Matters 4 days ago

    I agree. Yuk!

  4. Jen commented on Pickles 8 days ago

    Brian, you absolutely nailed it! FANTASTIC!

  5. Jen commented on Red and Rover 10 days ago

    This is the second part of that rhyme.

    “Close the doors and hear them pray.
    Open the doors and they all walk away.”

  6. Jen commented on Big Nate 10 days ago

    Are we sure this isn’t some dream sequence in that Nate is having a relapse from getting conked on the head? This is so good to be true.

  7. Jen commented on Overboard 13 days ago


  8. Jen commented on Stone Soup 15 days ago

    I will miss the daily Stone Soup. We have all of your books. So glad you got Phil and Val married- a "happy ending.
    for the laughs, Jan.

  9. Jen commented on Stone Soup 18 days ago

    Once I knew how to handle the middle-schoolers (I worked in the cafeteria) I gained their love and respect. i loved those kids.

  10. Jen commented on Pluggers 18 days ago

    Not at our church. We praise and worship the Lord Jesus with a shout of triumph as His word says we can and should. Before, during and after the sermon.