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  1. Jen commented on Gray Matters about 22 hours ago


  2. Jen commented on Grand Avenue about 22 hours ago

    Never heard of “summer reading lists” or “summer packets” until it was mentioned in the Zits and Stone Soup. We used our imaginations all summer long: fishing, swimming, bike riding, making up games, making homemade bike ramps, forts of all sorts, etc. Sad that many kids have no real interest in picking up an actual book or creating their own game whether to be played outside or a board game.

  3. Jen commented on Pickles 15 days ago

    Earl, give Opal a “Roundtoit” button. She’ll get the hint.

  4. Jen commented on Red and Rover 15 days ago

    I see Red not getting much sleep w/o Rover on his bed. Red will also have to watch TV with a pillow instead of Rovers’ soft belly.

  5. Jen commented on Pickles 17 days ago

    Sounds just like my brothers. Only we also were their targets. Ewww. Oh, my one uncle loved doing this, too. Matter of fact, so does my hubby. It must be in their DNA.

  6. Jen commented on Overboard 17 days ago

    I’ll take some. Shred or slice and freeze.

  7. Jen commented on Red and Rover 17 days ago

    Loved catching bullfrogs where I grew up. Catch and release strictly. Although frog legs are very delicious.

  8. Jen commented on Pluggers 20 days ago

    Put the hose upright and it becomes a drinking fountain.

  9. Jen commented on Gray Matters 24 days ago

    Love the ending. Loons are wonderful to hear.

  10. Jen commented on Gray Matters 26 days ago

    That’s how I look at “Bambi” and sheep from the car window. Mmm.