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  1. Jen commented on Pickles about 12 hours ago

    Is this a new Martha Stewart reinventing craft?

  2. Jen commented on Stone Soup 1 day ago

    We climbed trees growing up. More kids need to do that instead of stupid Pokemongo. And the parents need to stop from stopping kids climbing up trees- within reason of course. And yes, sometimes we fell out of them. No broken bones happened. Lots of fun and good memories.

  3. Jen commented on Red and Rover 1 day ago

    My great-grandma had one we used. They were hard to push, especially if the blades were dull.

  4. Jen commented on The Barn 5 days ago

    Getting to be? It already has been. Never read the book or saw the movie, but heard of Atlas Shrugged.

  5. Jen commented on Pluggers 8 days ago

    You’re a Plugger when you went to Joe The Motorists Friend. I remember the trains they used to sell.

  6. Jen commented on FoxTrot 9 days ago

    I didn’t mind going especially if it got me out of school early that day.

  7. Jen commented on B.C. 9 days ago

    The invention of the air bag.

  8. Jen commented on Gray Matters 10 days ago

    I only need to be around my grandchildren when school starts. Ick.

  9. Jen commented on Grand Avenue 10 days ago

    Well played Grandma.

  10. Jen commented on Red and Rover 13 days ago

    Like the blind, mute and deaf men with the elephant- same object, different perceptions.