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  1. Jen commented on Red and Rover about 13 hours ago

    Did that too. Lotsa fun.

  2. Jen commented on Grand Avenue about 13 hours ago

    Nooo! I love wrapping gifts and doing embellishments.

  3. Jen commented on Fred Basset about 13 hours ago

    Oh, Fred that’s us who suffer with fibro.

  4. Jen commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    Put some REAL cheddar cheese on the top of that and POW! goes my olfactories. Mmmmm. Yes, this suggestion was from a true Pennsylvanian. Thank you Anne and Gary.

  5. Jen commented on Gray Matters 5 days ago

    Another good reason I haven’t owned a TV for 25 years. This generation is electronically “smart” and book stupid. And no, I don’t watch TV on YouTube,either.

  6. Jen commented on Overboard 9 days ago

    That is one skinny refrigerator!

  7. Jen commented on Red and Rover 9 days ago

    Farley didn’t like peas either.

  8. Jen commented on Pluggers 10 days ago

    My mother had three of us.

  9. Jen commented on Stone Soup 12 days ago

    We were always getting yelled at for climbing the maple tree out back.

  10. Jen commented on Pluggers 12 days ago

    Especially his “drawers”, which are not even good enough for the rag bag- though even if they were, I would just throw them in the trash.