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  1. Jen commented on Gray Matters about 2 hours ago

    He’s going to know what a hot flash is when they leave.

  2. Jen commented on Grand Avenue 3 days ago

    Especially the green hotdogs and green edged baked eggs. Ewwww.

  3. Jen commented on The Barn 3 days ago

    That is FUNNY! Especially because my mom is 80 and her relatives came from Yugoslavia and “Baba” is “grandma” in Slovenian.

  4. Jen commented on Pluggers 6 days ago

    I usually don’t get nap with them but I do enjoy the downtime.

  5. Jen commented on JumpStart 6 days ago

    Even in the winter Mom would make the boys open their bedroom window a few inches for about an hour.

  6. Jen commented on Gray Matters 8 days ago

    Speaking proper English is not “being white” nor is speaking black vernacular make you black.

  7. Jen commented on The Barn 8 days ago

    And leg of lamb. Mmm.

  8. Jen commented on JumpStart 10 days ago

    Mom would never let my brothers get away with a pigsty like that, and yes, she worked a job outside the home, too- and there were 5 of us.

  9. Jen commented on The Barn 10 days ago

    How could Stan be mistaken for an ugly and stupid Pokemom toon character?

  10. Jen commented on FoxTrot 11 days ago

    The treehouse fell on her car because Jason cut down the tree, thus the ensuing damage.