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  1. Jen commented on Pluggers 3 days ago

    Did this when we were kids. Ha.

  2. Jen commented on Pickles 7 days ago

    She and Hector from Zits would be a fun crossover.

  3. Jen commented on Pickles 17 days ago

    Spoken like a truly married man.

  4. Jen commented on Pickles 18 days ago

    He dodged the bullet by her not asking if it made her caboose look big.

  5. Jen commented on Overboard 18 days ago

    They must be up in the Mackenzie.

  6. Jen commented on JumpStart 18 days ago

    I thank Jesus Christ for delivering me from “a carton of Marlboros in three days” habit 33 years ago.

  7. Jen commented on Gray Matters 18 days ago

    Sad that that may be the only way some people will actually read it.

  8. Jen commented on Gray Matters 18 days ago

    The Illustrated Man. Scary, huh? I suppose Ray Bradbury would be happy.

  9. Jen commented on Pickles 21 days ago

    I think most husbands just put them were it is either convenient or it “looks” like it should go “there”. Then I put it where it actually belongs. Sigh.

  10. Jen commented on Gray Matters 21 days ago

    Always hated tattoos. They say, “Hey look at me and my insecurities”. And they should definitely should not be called “body art”. Ugh!