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  1. flattop70 commented on In the Sticks about 5 years ago

    That’s the way it’s done in Vermont! Great comic!

  2. flattop70 commented on In the Sticks about 5 years ago

    What an original surprise! Can’t get that in a newspaper! Funny too!

  3. flattop70 commented on Stuart Carlson about 5 years ago

    Dogger55- You are blind or in denial. It was the DEMOCRATS that caused the housing crisis which ultimately sunk the economy. THEY were the ones who made banks take loans they knew would never be paid back. Bush was not the greatest but he sure wasn’t the cause of this mess. Barry has only made things much much worse. The Democrats had their chance to get things done- complete control of all three branches of government. All that happened was that they doubled the deficit. Spending money we don’t have and blaming Bush DOES NOT WORK!

  4. flattop70 commented on Robert Ariail over 5 years ago

    The shuttle program was canceled in 2005. See this announcement:
    I am not blaming anyone. That is just a fact. But another fact is that Obama does not support NASA. He wanted them to be a Muslim outreach organization. What should actually be in Obama’s junk yard would be the war in Afghanistan after he pulls out the troops and the economy!

  5. flattop70 commented on The Flying McCoys over 5 years ago

    How many carbon credits would I get if I bought that?

  6. flattop70 commented on Robert Ariail over 5 years ago


    You are correct. I am tired of other people playing with MY money! Fact is that there would be no government unless there were people who make money pay taxes. I agree that the speculators, security traders, and lawyers are a major part of the problem. Add to it the power of government officials and we have a mess that we might never get out of.

    That whole “Greed is good” statement from the movies is bunk.

  7. flattop70 commented on Robert Ariail over 5 years ago

    This is the same reason that the government should not be in the business of health care. They screw up everything when they get involved. This would not have happened if the government had not gone to the banks and forced them to loan to people that could not normally qualify for loans all in the name of getting “the American Dream”!

    I don’t remember being foreclosed on a house being that dream. It was more like “you can get anything you want if you work hard enough for it.” That’s what the dream was supposed to be.

    All of these programs and “stimulus” bills are just a money grab. None of them work but the money is gone. They are stealing right in front of us and no one is doing anything about it! Now they want to raise the debt ceiling so they can steal more! Guess what? You’ve stolen everything and there is nothing left!

  8. flattop70 commented on In the Sticks over 6 years ago

    Grapes soon to be raisins!!!!

  9. flattop70 commented on Chip Bok over 6 years ago

    bullwinkle- You said only one partial comment that was correct. “no one cared about them…” but I have to clarify- they didn’t care about them for so long that it became the norm. Now that we actually want to enforce the law, there is an uproar. Maybe if you were in the war zone that is Arizona, you might think differently.

    What will you do when these illegals are given amnesty and then demand more money than they are making now? It just becomes more people on unemployment sucking the life out of the goverment. We don’t need any more people on welfare. But the liberals need more constituents so they can win the next two elections.

    Enforce the constitution, don’t disregard it! Not only should we be deporting illegals, we should be severely penalizing those businesses and people that hire them in the first place. If there was no legal work, there would be no illegal immigrant problem.

  10. flattop70 commented on Drew Sheneman over 6 years ago

    Who said I wanted the GOP back in power? I want someone, ANYONE,that will do what is right for the country. Not a socialist, not a liar, not a cheat, not an empty suit.

    That leaves out ANY politician because they all have to lie, cheat, and steal to get elected. The system is broken. We need to get away from the two party system so the right people can get elected. Let’s get someone in with some morals and values who is not selfish.

    By the way Ken, you don’t want or cannot hear the truth either. We listened to your party’s point by point list of great things they will do and they either lied and did the opposite or passed legilation to give themselves more money and power while skyrocketing the deficit. WAKE UP!