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  1. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Annie almost 6 years ago

    Chapter 40

    Annie attempted to rise to her feet and clear her head as she tried to figure out what had just happened. It took her several moments to realize where she was, which caused a chill to run down her spine. “This is the forest outside Visser’s complex”! She exclaimed out loud as she attempted to suppress a feeling of nausea that suddenly came over her. She quickly realized that somehow she was brought back to this place, but when in time? “Where is this place Child”? Startled at the voice, Annie turned around to see Anson Vail standing a few feet from her, a look of bewilderment on his face. Her demeanor quickly changed to anger and frustration. “You’re nothing but a trouble maker, you know that”? She yelled at him, as she tried to move away from him, only to scream out in pain as she fell back to the ground. “Must have twisted my ankle during this journey, can barely stand on it”, she muttered under her breath. “How am I ever gonna get back to the complex to save everyone”? She wondered out loud, getting Vail’s attention. “Eh, what is this you’re saying? I’m at the time and place of Warbucks demise”? Annie quickly saw an oppurtunity to use Vail’s hatred of her daddy to her advantage. “Oh yes Mr. Vail. Mr. Am’s travel machine brought us back to the day my Daddy died”. Annie paused, and then clinched the deal. “Wouldn’t you want to see this happen?” Vail leaped for joy, while vigorously nodding his head. “Oh yes, what a wonderful thing that would be to see”. “Well buster, there’s no way you’ll get there without my help so if you want to see this happen you’ll need to help me walk”. With superhuman strength Vail picked up Annie, cradled her in his arms and gleefully said, “Show me the way”!

    To be Continued…………….

  2. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Dick Tracy about 6 years ago

    Mordred attacking Dick who’s screaming like a little girl!

    Alternate Text

  3. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Dick Tracy about 6 years ago

    Thanks Bill!

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    Poor Dr. Mordred is alway’s misunderstood.

  4. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Dick Tracy about 6 years ago

    Hey VistaBill, he must have dropped them when he picked up the girl.

  5. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Dick Tracy about 6 years ago

    Dr. Mordred in action

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  6. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Annie about 6 years ago

    Hey David, let’s keep “The Phoenix Tales” for this and any other stories. We can call this story, “Redemption”.

  7. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Annie about 6 years ago

    Hey David, thanks for pointing out a weakness in the latest chapter. I ammended it to clearify what I was trying to allude to. I always wondered about those UFO’s.

    The first chapter looks great, keep up the good work. This is now your story as much as mine so please name the chapters as you see fit.

    Peace. BB

  8. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Annie about 6 years ago

    Chapter 39

    “ANSON VAIL, PUT THAT WEAPON DOWN THIS INSTANT”! Vail barely heard Mr. Am’s words, totally lost in this glorious moment.


    “Finally, my revenge against Warbucks will be complete & sweet”! He began to laugh uncontrollably at the rhyme he just uttered. Mr. Am couldn’t help but release an audible sigh as he pondered what went wrong. “And I thought we were making such good progress”, he sadly thought to himself as he noticed the curious look that appeared on the Asp’s face, compelling him to explain what was going on. “An attempt on my part to try and reform Vail, to turn him into an asset to society. One day Vah-lin-tan was roaming on his machine and called me over, just as Vail fell over a cliff. He convinced me to allow him to transport Vail here, hopefully to reform him”. Asp remained puzzled. “Warbucks informed me that he had found his body and buried him”. Mr. Am grinned; “Ah, so Warbucks thought he did. A little trickery on my part I must confess. Thought it would be easier that way. Gave me a chance to show off my creative side”. Vail, regaining his composure yelled at them to stop talking as he aimed the weapon he was holding directly at Asp. “Quiet! The Iguana Queen does not wish to let you speak”! Asp grinned as he commented to Mr. Am over the wonderful job he had done changing Vail. “Asp, you’ve hurt my feelings”, Mr. Am replied, feigning a look of hurt on his face. “He is not a bad person, just confused. He had a difficult upbringing. I’ve made tremendous progress in helping him stabilize his thoughts and feelings”. “Up to this moment, I suppose”. Asp commented. Vail was beside himself with rage. “Laugh all you want. I have heard everything you have been planning. The roamers machine is destroyed. Kill this one and the girl won’t be able to go back and save Warbucks and the others. I’ll finally have my sweet victory over him.” “WARBUCKS WILL BE NO MORE,,,FOREVER”!!!

    “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH” Mr. Am pleaded with Vail; “Anson, that’s not a gun. It can’t kill anyone. Please put it down and let me bring you back to your room”. Vail just snarled; “Too late, Asp will die”! Just as he was about to pull the trigger, a sudden blur from behind Vail appeared and leaped on top of him, knocking him to the ground. “Think I’m gonna let you stop me from saving my “Daddy”, do you”? Mr. Am and Asp stood amazed at the strength and determination Annie displayed. They both independently thought the child they remembered had finally returned. “AAHHHH, get off me girl! The Iguana Queen demands that I complete my mission”! “The only mission you’ll complete is finishing your stay at Mr. Am’s funny farm”! Mr. Am and Asp started running to the spot on the ground where Annie and Vail were wrestling over the gun in Vails hand. Just as they were about to reach them a bright flash appeared around Annie and Vail, and then they were gone. Asp stopped in his tracks. “What was that”? Mr. Am began to pace, and Asp thought he could detect worry come over his face. “Oh my, this is unexpected. That gun Vail took from Vah-Lin-Tan’s workshop was a prototype hand held traveling machine he was working on.” “What has happened to them”? “The machine was programmed to send the holder to the destination they were thinking of”. Asp thought over this for a moment. “They were both thinking of Warbucks death, were they not”? “Yes Asp, they were. I’m confident that is where it brought them, close to the time of Warbucks death”. Asp responded, “That is good, is it not”? Mr. Am paused, then replied, worry in his voice. “She is not ready for the challenge ahead of her. She needed your guiding hand to help her”. “She will be unable to save Warbucks and everyone else unless Anson Vail helps her”! Asp now understood why Mr. Am seemed worried to him. “In other words”,,,,, Mr. Am interrupted with the following chilling statement.

    “Warbucks is* *destined to* *die unless Anson VaiL saves him”!

    To Be Continued………………………

  9. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Annie about 6 years ago

    Wow, this seems to be turning into some sort of off-shore radio station! I like it. Thanks to David, lonewolf & everyone else for what’s happening. Im actually excited about reaching the end of this story arc and starting a brand new storyline. That is if anyone wants me to. David, let me give some thought about the chapters. I’ll get back to you ASAP.



  10. BASSMANBOB6 commented on Dick Tracy about 6 years ago

    51 & feeling like 90, fighting a losing battle with the flu. Starting reading Tracy in the NY Daily News during the 60’s as soon as I was able to read. He was always one of my favorites.

    Peace. BB

    What’s up Morrow?